The violence in a MK/Street Fighter crossover
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The one primary issue that makes it difficult for this long-awaited crossover to happen, is obviously the question of how the violence should be handled, how gory should it be, and so on.

Has anyone seen the animated Street Fighter II movie? I feel the violence in that movie could work for a MK/SF crossover. Yes, it's tame by MK's standards, but it's gorier than MK vs DC universe was. And personally, I don't mind the violence being toned down a little. Not because I wouldn't want it to be a bloodbath, but because I don't feel reduced gore would automathically ruin a MK game.

The SNES version of MK1 gave us a few interesting fatalities, like Raiden reducing his opponent to ashes and Sub-Zero's ice shatter which became one of his trademark fatalities. Plus, you had Sonya's kiss of death, Scorpion's toasty, and Liu Kang's cartwheel which were unaltered. All these fatalities, plus a few more like Shang Tsung's soul steal (both the MK2 and 3 versions) and the Pit 2 stage fatality, that could work in a MK/SF crossover. People just need to accept reduced violence just this once, because as long as it's not like MK vs DC universe, which pointlessly censored the Joker's bang bang fatality even though it was barely gory, it wouldn't ruin the MK side, imo.

A little off-topic, Liu Kang's cartwheel fatality could easily be turned into a super special in SF's gameplay. But back to topic, I just realized Liu Kang might have the most fatalities out of most MK characters that'd work in a T-rated game. Cartwheel, arcade drop, bone-break (from MK:SM), and inferno (from MK3).

The violence in the Killer Instinct games, particularly the new one, could also be ideal for a MK/SF crossover.

But, to conclude, is gore really such an issue, anyway? Lots of teens play M-Rated games. Can we say for certain that most of SF's fanbase do not also play M-rated games? Is there an issue mostly because of people at Capcom, like Ono, who have a DC-like objection to the gore?
08/27/2014 06:54 PM (UTC)
I doubt we shall ever see a SF x MK, if not in the form of fan art and fan made games.

In case an official crossover between them will ever be made, they could go the same rout of SF x Tekken and Tekken x SF.

A version with SF gameplay and level of violence, another one with MK gameplay and violence.

It would be cool so see a super/sentetsu/type-0/metsu/special/shin- hado-Ken that leaves your opponent skinless as Fatality for Ryu.

Unfrotunately it won't happen.

I can see MK vs DC Universe 2 after Injustice 2, though.
11/04/2014 06:03 PM (UTC)
I have read a lot of stuff regarding this topic and it seems very unlikely a fair compromise will be made. I think it was on EventHubs, where people were discussing it and you wouldn't believe how many people actually have an issue with Ryu or Chun-Li getting killed in a fatality, as if they would stay dead or something lol Anyway, the simple solution to that could be make it so only MK characters can do fatalities, and only on other MK characters, its stupid, but if people are that against seeing Cammy getting her spine pulled out, so be it.

I don't see why a compromise couldn't be made though. I enjoy MK's violence and gore, but for a MKXSF game I could live with it being toned down. I don't think it would be fair for the MK side to have to get rid of all the blood though, it should be a compromise, have a little damn blood, for fugs sake these characters are punching each other square in the face repeatedly, having no blood doesn't really make sense. Does there need to be buckets of blood flying from their face after one punch? Of course not, but after some direct hits, a little blood and damage is what makes sense IMO. So have some blood, but not enough to warrant an M rating.

Then there is the issue of who develops it, NRS or Capcom. The obvious answer is NRS tongue

Also, is there a language barrier between MK devs and SF devs? If that's the case that could cause some issues as well.
11/06/2014 03:37 PM (UTC)
I could swear there was a little blood in Super Street Fighter 2, at least in the SNES version that I own. And again, the animated SF2 movie which was much bloodier than MK vs DCU. Did a lot of SF fans forget those two examples? Anyway, I agree with you about having a little blood.

But I disagree about MK characters only being able to do fatalities on other MK characters. Fatalities should be doable on every characters, save perhaps bosses, or they should just remove them altogether. At least the DC crossover allowed MK characters to kill DC ones, just not too brutally, and the DC heroes still had some satisfying finishers in the heroic brutalities (imo).

As for who develops it, couldn't NRS and Capcom co-develop the game? If not possible, there could always be two versions, one made by NRS and another made by Capcom, like with SF X Tekken and Tekken X SF (though we've still barely heard anything about the latter). But if only one of them develops it, hmm, pretty tough choice, actually.
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