How to check if Mortal Kombat mobile is syncing without deleting Mortal Kombat app
posted05/22/2024 07:46 AM (UTC)by
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05/22/2024 07:40 AM (UTC)

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out if my game is really syncing to Cloud or not.

So what I did is actually played for 10 days, and make a lot of progress.

Now in the meanwhile I did connect a game with WBID (I logged in, and got message that all is good).

But when I log into Warner Bros site, into my account, it doesnt really show Mortal Kombat Mobile in connected games? Is this normal behaviour or?

So, is there a way that we check if game is really syncing to Cloud, cause I am a bit afraid to delete it to check :)

Sorry if I posted this in wrong section :/


Actually I just logged in with another device, and passed tutorial, then tried to login with same account, and it told me it found a profile in cloud.

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