MK Onslaught APK No Longer Works?
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MK Onslaught APK No Longer Works?
11/11/2022 08:59 PM EST

I am one of the "lucky" ones to get my hands on MKO. Great fun and I love it, but I had to install it onto my wifes phone initially. I just got my new phone in today, which is in every specification way an upgrade from my wifes phone, yet no matter what I do the apk refuses to install and comes up saying my phone isn't compatible. I have a very hard time believing a new phone model under a year old, a phone better than my wifes with more ram and better cpu and newer os, yet it isn't compatible? I am afraid to uninstall the game from my wifes phone and try reinstalling to just see what happens, mainly due to that if I am correct I would just make myself unable to play it at all. I looked into a couple things trying to make sure that this isn't just my phone for some reason, and I came across that the original source I got the apk from no longer has it available, and the actual google play store page for MKO was updated yesterday (Nov 10). The whole thing just seems suspicious making me believe that they have actively put a block on any one being able to install the game now. Can someone else please confirm this for me? As of today, Nov 11, can you install the MKO apk?

(If needed, I can provide apk copy, just PM me email to send to.)
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