Mobile Kombat Kast this Thursday
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Mobile Kombat Kast this Thursday
02/19/2019 07:28 PM EST

Hi all,

Kombat Kast confirmed for Thursday at the usual time. Judging by their tweet I guess we’ll get the third mobile character revealed. Changed the logo to Blue so I guess it Sub Zero.

Tried to post a pic of the tweet but can’t fathom out how to post a pic lol

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RE: Mobile Kombat Kast this Thursday
02/19/2019 07:56 PM EST

You just copy and paste the picture. Hopefully, they release something for the console game as well. Can they really stretch a one hour Kombat Kast with just the mobile game? I do not think so.

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RE: Mobile Kombat Kast this Thursday
02/19/2019 08:52 PM EST

They could easily fill an hour. They'll likely go over the 3 new characters a bit, go over game updates, explain what's changing in the transition from "MKX Mobile" to "MK Mobile" ... probably tease and/or reveal if the game has unlockables in the main game again. Likely explain how the changeover will effect existing players, and unlockables for MKX. You can blow an hour before you know it.

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