Mortal Kombat Mobile Impressions
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Mortal Kombat Mobile Impressions
02/27/2019 10:36 PM EST

So the update has been out for a few hours now and I've been toying around in it for almost two and have collected my thoughts.

The new update is hands down the best mobile thing Netherrealm has accomplished thus far. The new engine and 60 fps make the gameplay feel even more smooth than Injustice 2 Mobile. The lighting thanks to UR4 makes even old characters (like Silver Kenshi for example) shine. Literally, the light shines and reflects off his armor.

Quest Mode, as they stated, added a brand new area in the Netherrealm and 8 new towers, complete with a new story to tell. Battle Mode has unfortunately seen no changes so that is a bummer. Faction Wars seems to work exactly the same as before but, at least for me, plays a lot smoother (I seem to be thinking that word a lot) than before this update. This seems to have also killed the majority of hackers from what I've heard because of it being always online, so there's that.

Trial Mode I am not too sold on yet and will take some time to get adjusted. Trial Mode is the new way to unlock brand new characters going forward. There are still traditional repeat challenges available (thankfully) that work exactly the same; five towers to complete at your leisure and once done you earn your character card. Trial Mode, however, still has the five towers (and let's you play as the character you are working towards earning, too, by the way) but with one big difference. No longer can you play through an entire challenge in one sitting. Once you complete a tower, it takes a full 24 hours to unlock the next one, and so on and so forth until you are done with all five and have the character unlocked. Thus, they give you fourteen days to complete it instead of the usual seven.

The menu feels sleek and streamlined, looks nice and is super easy to navigate (pretty good looking for the eyes, too). All in all, Mortal Kombat Mobile's newest update (and rebranding) is absolutely the best thing to have happened. If you haven't jumped in yet, I highly suggest you try it out. If they keep their promise and begin to bring in tons and tons of characters not just from this generation but those we haven't seen in a while, this could turn out to be one of the finest MK experiences yet roster wise.

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