2 additional ideas for MK7.
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((1)) It'd be very cool if we could create our own character like in “Smack Down (here comes the pain)" game. I created 2 awesome characters and I might post them to u soon.

How to create?

There is a set of choosing various appearances for ur created character (face, skin, body type, cloths...). Also, There's another option where u can choose from a set of various fighting styles. The styles might be the same or different from another main character. U can even emerge them like choosing some1's move and some1 else’s move for ur created character.

((2)) This option is NEW.
It's where we r allowed to choose a sentence from a list of sentences OR write our own sentence (which is limited to a certain number of words) and test it to see if it sounds good for our main character or created character to speak it during the match (by pressing L2) with a certain body motion that we also choose from a body motions list.

For example: "You are nothing." or "You will die."
Like Shao Khan says to his opponent in MK2 and MK3 while pointing with his finger. Also, Jax and Scorpion in MK:DA do something similar but somehow plain, it should be made in a much better and advanced way with MK7.


What's your opinion about it?
04/05/2005 12:55 AM (UTC)
Creating our very own unique mortal kombat character is a very cool idea. I think that we should be able to create a character and save it straight to our memory cards or sticks, and then we also should be able to incorporate our very own special moves! That would be great....
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