About the voting of a MK7 forum or a future MK projects forum
posted11/15/2004 05:30 AM (UTC)by
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09/13/2004 02:00 AM (UTC)
i know the MK7 forum is winning but wouldn't if be better for a future MK projects forum? in the future there is suppose to be a new MK game released every year. the future MK projects forum would stay up for as long as MKO exists. when Shaolin Monks is out thats probably when they will announce the next MK game after it like they did with Deception then announcing Shaolin Monks. also the general discussion forum wouldn't be as cluttered especially with people for ideas about MK7.
11/15/2004 04:18 AM (UTC)
Yeah, but look at the sidebar poll :(
People seem to want an MK7 board more, for some reason...

But I agree w/ you, I feel many more threads, posts and activity in general would be in a 'Future Projects' forum than in a 'MK7' forum.
11/15/2004 05:30 AM (UTC)
I feel the MK7 fourm is winning because most people haven't read my messages about what the Future MK Projects forum actually is. They could be confused as to its purpose, so it may not receive votes that it could have.

Regardless of the poll, I will continue to support my forum idea at all costs.
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