an idea for the next mk game
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11/26/2004 01:06 AM (UTC)
I think they should make the new game an mk trilogy two with all the characters ever created in a 3d mode like deception and deadly alliance and the old arcade 2d mode.... i think they could just get rid of the krypt and use all of the extra space to make multiple costumes for all the characters for example give sub-zero his costumes from all the games bfore from mk1 to deception. Also they should add an in depth tournament mode for online as well as offline. On top of that give each character their best fatalaties from the old games and a couple new ones, i don't kno just an idea for discussion, i just wanna c what other pple would think bout this
11/26/2004 03:00 AM (UTC)
You're about the 1000th person to imply this idea.

1) A game system could not hold that many detailed 3-D models.
2) Too many fighting styles would be repeated.
3) 3-D and 2-D, you're crazy.
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