Chaining Kombo doesn't behave as expected
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Hi guys,

I'm no expert to MK Kombos and I've begun the game recently. So this is a beginner question.

I have been bothered by a problem for a long time, and I can't find out why anywhere. I've tried to search those forums a bit but still can't find a thread that explains what happens to me.

The problem I have is that I can't chain some Kombos I would like to chain. For instance in this video, Kenshi is doing the "114" then "DB1" Kombo. On the video, it happens in like 500 ms which allows the character to "super uppercut" the opponent.

In my case, the "DB1" doesn't "chain". I need to wait a bit until the "114" is finished, and then, I can do the "DB1". If I do all the moves like in the video, it doesn't "buffer" the "DB1". And I can see it because the moves are displayed in the screen. I'm pretty sure I'm doing exactly the same as in the video in terms of sequence and delays. And, thus, I can't hit with the "DB1" Kombo, the enemy is too far away in the air to be reached out.

Would anyone have any clue on why it doesn't go as expected?

08/24/2020 04:03 PM (UTC)

Hello Tyrael, this is interesting to notice and I'm sure this has happened to everyone playing MKX, even MK11. In this video, the user (infamy23) recommends disabling Release Check and Input Shortcuts in the button settings to get the proper input for desired kombos. My guess as to why it doesn't go as expected has to do with the default settings and maybe the programmers prefer pressing buttons a certain way?

08/24/2020 08:51 PM (UTC)Edited 08/24/2020 08:55 PM (UTC)

Hi, I should have mentioned that but the commands were already all off when I was trying to do so.

I'm positive the buttons pressed are displayed correctly on the Training center on the bottom left of the screen. I do the "DB1" before the "114" is ended.

However, I found out that if I do "11", and then "DB1", then I can chain.

But that doesn't solve the question as to why in the video, he can manage "114-DB1", and it works only as "11-DB1" for me?

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