Fighting Sysytem Ideas For The Next MK. Let me know your thoughts!!!
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I love the MK series. I think story wise it’s the most solid. The gore factor is definitely in their court, but when you get down to it, it’s the fighting system that’s going to want to keep you coming back. I have put together a list of ideas that I feel could make MK a more solid game in the future. Most of these ideas aren’t original in concept but they are exciting none the less and can definitely be incorporated in with an MK twist. Well let’s begin

+ I really enjoy the concept of death traps, in my opinion it makes the game more fun and give the game more character. I feel the greatest oversight to this features was not allowing a player reposition their character prior to the beginning of a round to navigate safely away from a deathtrap.

+ I enjoyed the ability to pickup items like heads and chuck them at an opponent a la MK4. Maybe diferent areans can created to exploit this. Maybe bring back the dunes from MK3 and have the ability to thow sand in the opponents face.

+ I do agree that the recover time on most attacks is just to slow. It really punishes the aggressor and the last thing I want is a turtle match in my fighting game. Pressure strings should have quicker recovery.

+ Every attack should have a purpose. When you see players use one stance and similar moves over and over while racking up the wins, this should be a sure sign you haven't created a well-rounded character.

+ I really enjoy the reversal button that MKDA had as a special for some characters. They should bring that back for all characters, as a way to counter pressuring opponent.

+ I think wake up moves are necessary, or at least a ground game system to counter any wakeup mind games.

+ I may not represent the popular opinion, but I do believe throws are good for the game, but there should be a way to reverse them or tech out of them so they don’t do all that much damage.

Another approach could be that throws do very little damage, but break an opponents guard for a combo opportunity.

+ The combo breaker is a great feature but it should be better implemented. Which leads to my next point....

+ I can’t say I am a huge dial a combo fan. Besides being kind of boring I always end up asking myself this same question... "If you have the choice between 5 different combo strings, why bother to do any other than the string that will do the most damage?".

I think MK could learn a little from Killer Instinct’s combo system in this respect. Maybe there can be a variety of shorter 2-3 hit combo strings that can be tied together with special move. I feel this type of system feels more engaging to the player rather than punching long strings of memorized buttons.

Maybe special moves done within the context of a combo string could result in a slightly different character animation to vary the visual attack of the character.

Specials within a combo string would also provide an opening for an opponent to execute a combo breaker. (Think Paper, Rock, Scissors).

Imagine the following combo with Scorpion in this hypothetical combos system.

Scorpion executes a three punch combo, the TELEPORT KICK on its own would result in your standard teleport kick, but within a combo string it could make Scorpion execute a kick that sends the opponent to the other side of the screen where Scorpion connects with a teleport kick (really anything could happen, just some new attack animation that could only be seen if executed within a combo string), followed by three kicks that send the opponent flying away, only to connect with a SPEAR that results into and automated uppercut (again any new animation).

Through out this, the opponent would have two breaker opportunities depending on if they were able predicted the linking special move.

In addition to linking special moves, there could be Change Style linkers. This would allow you to execute some special attack animation that would result in changing styles. Depending on the input sequence, it would automatically jump to a specific style.

+ I feel the jump in game is really non-existent in these new MK games; primarily because they don’t lead into any real combo opportunities. Jump kicks should start juggles while jump punches should start chains. This would also make the need for characters to have special anti air moves necessary.

+ I might get flamed for this, but I am a huge SF2 fan, and I do enjoy having a special gauge to vary my attacks. Maybe a variation of this could be used to juice up certain special attacks. I’m thinking something along the lines of a blood lust gauge. This meter could build with a taunts or successfully connecting with power attacks that draw the most blood.

Picture a juiced up TELEPORT KICK that would result in 3 consecutive TELEKICK, each one successfully connecting. Add that into a combo and you got a real impressive attack

+ I may be reaching here, but exclusive fatalities that happen only happen within a combo may be an interesting twist.

Think of the possibilities.

Anyways I’m done ranting. I’m eager to hear your feedback on these ideas.
11/06/2004 05:51 PM (UTC)
REALLY bad move to post your e-mail, i'd delete if i were you.
Other then that, excellent ideas, very good thinking. (for a newbie wink)
Otherwise, welcome to the boards, hope you enjoy your stay!
11/11/2004 07:56 PM (UTC)
Excellent ideas bro.

I liked most of them. grin
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