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Name: Marrakonus (Marrak)
Age: 570
Race: Onus
Height: 6'3
Allignment: Neutral
Allies: Raiden
Foes: Shao Kahn, Onaga

Looks: Human figure, golden shoulder length hair, black eyes, muscular medium skin tone

Outfit one: Onus Armor-
Blue rivited straps of 7 inch width from shoulder to waist, 6 blue arm bands on each arm,
Black Belt, Blue rivited pants. Golden jewels in each blue rivit. Golden amulets dangling from belt.

Outfit two: Spirit Suit-
Red Robes with Blue and Gold dragons breathing fire on the suit. Golden hair is in a pony tail,
Earings and matching mask are worn.

Fighting Styles: Kovan (Strong attacks towards the head but weaker towards anywhere else, between 4-14 hit combos,
Onus (Low punch becomes another set of kicks as High punchnis the only punch)
Paradoka (This weapon is sacred to the Onus, it is a sword but the hand guard is also two extening daggers.)

SP1- Onus Teleport (Marrak melts into the ground and does a rising upper cut
SP2- Lotus Kick (Upon jumping Marrak kicks both opponents legs and finishes with a backflippping kick."
SP3- Paradoka Shadow-throw (a shadow of the Paradoka is hurled
SP4- Whirlwind Spin- (Marrak spins fast enough that winds suck the opponent in.

Finisher 1- (Marrak jumps over the opponent and melts, the opponents arm is ripped off, then the other violently,
then the opponents hear is ripped out, and falls to the floor, the body falls then. as Marrak reforms.
Finisher 2- (Marrak pulls out the Paradoka, and does a fast Whirl Wind Spin, suckinf the opponent in, they get
sliced up and the torso falls off as their leggs fall apart also.

Hara Kiri- (Marrak does his WWS, as he also does his melt. Slinging wattery blood all over the place.


I was born a monk. Member of the original White Lotus Society, I was the Bloodback Lotus,
my friend was the White WolfLion. We contructed the society to protect all thats good. We knew our gods,
we respected them, but they were not doing the best job they could. I disbanded my best friend and the society
because all thats good was not being protected by the gods we trusted. White WolfLion became angry with me,
as I was leaving in peace he challanged me to a fight. He said one of us was to fight in a mortal kombat tournament,
it mise as well be the strongest. He told me if I wanted whats best for us, i would fight him "now". I did, I did not mean to kill him,
I hit him and he stumbled, he fell off the bridge we fought on. I never saw him after, figuring he was dead, I knew i was left to fight
in the up comming Mortal Kombat Tournament. Onaga, the Emporer of Outworld, was heading the tournament, his advisor Shao Kahn,
was the to beat contendor. Earth realm and Outworl often went back and forth winning the tournament, but nothing ever came of it.

I fought in the tournament. In the name of White WolfLion, I beat all the contendors who i was to face. I was the last Earth warrior
left, I was to fight Shao Kahn. The battle was long and fearce, he was tough. I used about every skill i knew, i used every bit
of energy i had in me. It was not enough, at the age of 89, just a young warrior, I was defeated by Kahn himself. I felt like a disgrace
as i went home to Earth a failure. This prompted me to find the history of my orgins. For I thought my youthfulness at Earth age of 89
was a blessing for protecting, I would uncover a much bigger answer to the mystery.

I discovered from a monk friend i had named Kiu Wiyann, that i was not born a monk, but raised by monks. My mother and father only
stayed for a short time. They left me behind because they told the monks they were in danger. The monks thought it to be their duty
to raise me. They tought me to find my inner power, they tought me to protect. Kiu told me that my mother and father had told him they
were of a race called Onus. They told him I would out live many generations of monks to come, but not to fear for i was young in the mind.
Onus, I dint know what to believe. I traveled to the realm of Shaeiriku (Share-e-que) where the Onus where villaged. I stayed withen the beholdment fo the
village for many years. Learning from masters of fighing. I lived in the village for 400 years. I soon was Grand-Apprentice of the race,
I could fight any warrior, I cold fight Shao Kahn if I only had the chance.

News came and went by messengers over the years of Mortal Kombat Tournaments being held, one, would have ment Earth being taken over
had a Earth warrior not won the tournament. The others were mere loop holes in the rules of the Tournament. News had come to me that
Onaga had been killed at the hands of Shao Kahn, that bastard would do anything for total control. The most rescent message i have recieved is
that Onaga lives again, and the thought to be dead Shao Kahn is attempting to stop him again. The former Thunder God Raiden has given up on mortals, and the
monk who saved Earth so long ago has died at the hands of a grand sorcerer.

I had no plan to travel to Outworld, until I was visited by Raiden himself. He came to me through a vision, he told me, "Marrak, so long ago I observed
as you fought Shao Kahn in attempt to protect Earth. Mortals have had to many chances now, and i no longer wish to look after them. I am not angered, I will not kill
a human, unless he does not desearve life. Through many prophecies and visions i have seen you as a great warrior, a warrior who could beat anyone, even the murderd
monk himself Liu Kang, ONaga, i do believe now you could defeat Shao Kahn himself. You are my last resort, I will not take no for an answer, if you do not come with me,
your life will not be spared. You are the one to defeat Kahn and Onaga, for if they work aside each other there will be no one who can stop them. Except for you."

I followed him to Outworld, I cant believe what I saw...

Ending to come soon! if you think this is good let me know please.
04/03/2005 10:22 PM (UTC)
no offense but................. turn ur computer off, open the door and go
04/03/2005 11:03 PM (UTC)
comming from a Li Mei fan....hah, I think ill skip that advice
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