little things I hope they fix for MK7
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1) After losing a match... I want the option of "Rematch". After you lose (in MKD) it asks if you wish to continue, yes or no. If yes... you go back to the select screen... then up the ladder again... then loading again. I want a "Rematch" button so you can battle the opponent right then and there... instead of having to pick the same character again and wait for the loading. Granted the loading is tops... 10, 20seconds?? Keep the "YES, NO" That way if you want to go back to the select screen... choose yes. But if you wish to fight the same guy with the same person at the same stage... then theres no point in returning to the select screen and going thru the loading again.

2) They did it right with MKDA's Moloch. Before the first match he does his big roar... and you can skip it by pressing a button or two. This isn't the case against Onaga... everytime you lose you got to watch him roar at the start of the first round. Not that its bad... just gets "old" after you've seen it a lot and want to get the match started. So for MK7... for the big roaring bosses... please have a button that can skip that. (and if there is a button for Onaga to skip his roar.. please say!)
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