MK how do you think mk7 will turn out and what do you wanna see in it
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11/28/2004 09:52 PM (UTC)
half an hour ago my tv blew up, no joke, now i'm bored and can't play mk:D i though i'd write my frist post and please excuse my spelling.

here are several point i think mkd lacked, was there enough gore in MKD? i really don't think so, i feel as if the fatalities where almost pointless, they where not violent enough for my taste anyway, oki they where better tna mkda but there should have been trails of guts when some one got torn in half, anyone agree? i know that would be proberly hard to acomplish but still! common ppl write back and tell me the sickest things in you head fatality wise and for which character!

i would have like to seen some of the orginial stuff like scorpsfurious toasty, and good old sub zero/noob head rip, maybe as an optional finisher.

death trap and 2 rounds to win don't mix right, where is ther reality in that, did ermac magical put his legs back on? how did he get of that spike i though he was dead, get what i mean? if you fall in to a death trap surely it should end the match and not go on for a say 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th round.

hey boys and girls what about a team mode like in mk4, possible one round and a health meter for each character you got, bit like tekken tag? but with a bit of death to it and only one finsh him/her once all the oppents are defeated?

can any of you ppl think of things that could make mk7 (if they can do it) the best mk ever graphicly, realisticly and game play wise?
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