MK7- Character unlocking and --Super Unlockables
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I think the way characters should be unlocked is when you beat the game with a certain fighter you have the option of 1 of three or so characters to unlock. The thing is the chracters are differnt per character you beat the game with. And away to trade characters online and such. Also i think weapons should be chosen along with alternate outfits when you choose your character, however you can trade found weapons and outfits over the internet also!!!

Also they need to find away to block hackers from hacking into the files to blow the surpise that there are no SU's
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03/30/2005 03:38 AM (UTC)
I think that characters should be unlocked in different ways, like you have to look at MK history. like to unlock Nightwolf, you'd have to have Shang Tsung morph into Kano (MK2's "Kano transformations" and "I have never seen a Kano transformation" with Nightwolf's MK3 friendship where he says "no, but I can turn into Rayden"). of course, you could unock some in konquest, but not the cheesy ass way with chests in MKD
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