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I read through the MKD Tournament Thread that Mobster4Christ put up on the Deception Board and this particular rule has sparked some discussion:

"• In the event that conflicting results are sent in (for example, both contestants claiming to have won the match), both users will be disqualified."

With people being immature and claiming to have won when they really didn't, which I know will happen, winners will be screwed out of the tournament by bitter players who lost.

Well short of tracking those people down and beating the living hell out of them in front of their friends, families and even household pets; an option I would favor followed by using a guillotine and starved rats,...... I think that a Players Recent Record Board would be a good idea to have so that everyone can see who he/she has beaten or lost to in their previous.... lets say 10-15 matches.

Since we can already tell another players record, it would be beneficial, in the name of fairness, to know if they actually won a match agaist another player as they may claim or not. This would take care of that issue during online play in MK7 that will arise in the XBox and PS2 Tournaments for MKD.

It could even go so far as to include:

• Player faced off against.
• Stage/Area played.
• Win/Loss against player.
• Round player won/lost match in (2nd or 3rd).
• Win/Lost by Fatality or Death Trap.

I would also like for people to be kicked off the server for a period of time for flooding the Chat Board. What's going on there now is pathetic. Kind makes me wish I had the ability to butterfly kick people in the throat for being 'jackasses' through my DSL connection.furious

Well... I guess that's about..... OH! And also, a more credible ranking system wouldn't hurt either aaaaaaaaaaaaaand....... a 20lb. Kwan Dao, a Nine Ring Broadsword, twin Silver Plated Desert Eagles with 10 clips each holding silver bullets, an Optimus Prime Transformer and a G.I. Joe with the 'kung Fu grip' for Christmas. I'll take either Duke or Snake Eyes!tonguegrin

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