MKX Mobile Update 1.19
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MKX Mobile Update 1.19
08/08/2018 02:36 AM EST
Update 1.19 is upon us and with it we are getting a couple new things;

First off, a new gold challenge character; Klassic Ermac.

Second, a new addition to gameplay; Feats of Strength. This new addition adds in victory stances, icons, backgrounds and more to customize your roster and your experience in-game. It is an achievement based feature that requires you to hit milestones to help unlock new stuff and will grow your fighters with stat bonuses and unique animations. With this, there is a brand new currency (emerald runes) and packs that let you add new Feats of Strength cards to your collection. Each character has different animations, even variations of same characters have unique things, so there are thousands of new animations in-game ranging from retro throwbacks (Liu Kang's dragon morph) to silly Friendship inspired ideas (Goro giving four thumbs up).

As a downside, they are tossing out Allies and you will no longer be able to call Ally Fighters into battle to assist. Your ally currency will be transferred once the update hits.