Mortal Kombat 7-What should be done for the next Fighting Title
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Mortal Kombat 4..... You can drop your weapon, and pick up your opponent's weapon....
MK5 Deadly Alliance... You cannot drop your weapon or pick up opponent's dropped weapons....
MK6 Deception.... Same deal except introduces Environmental Weapons, Hazards & Death Traps
MK7 should re-introduce the dropped weapon feature and introduce even more Environmental Weapons, more Hazards and about the same amount of death traps...
on top of that....
I understand that dropping weapons effects the combos that link to the weapon stance.
Check this Out...
3 Fighting Stances AND 1 Weapon...
They need an action to draw and disdraw weapons freely with just a touch of one button... In addition to the 3 Fighting stances...

EXAMPLE: L3 is draw weapon and L2 is change fighting stance...
Therefore... Each Fighting stance can switch into a weapon attack in the middle of a combo... At the same time they would keep the style-branching combos...

So a londer combo could go something like this....
-Stance 1 Punch, Stance 1 Kick, Switch Style-Stance 2 Punch, Draw Weapon- Slash, Switch Style-Stance 3 Kick, Draw Weapon- Slash.

Also, with FATALITIES.......
Imagine only memorizing 1 Fatality Code for each character, and at the same time having 3 Fatalities, 1 WEAPON Fatality, AND 1 Suicide Fatality (HARA-KIRI)

It's simple really.......

Fatality Code: T,T,T,T, Punch
(For a specific Fighter--- Not ALL Fighters)

Fighting Style 1: FATALITY 1
Fighting Style 2: FATALITY 2
Fighting Style 3: FATALITY 3
When Defeated: HARA-KIRI

Everybody likes more variety....
And This is the perfect way to do it in the next game.
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by Jade-Own.....

12/13/2004 08:43 PM (UTC)
Disagree, Ed Boon and his team should concentrate more on improving MK fighting engine and not worrying about fatalities and other crap. They should take at least 4 years to reprogram MK fighting engine and 10 years to fully test the game before releasing it to the public.

Enough said. furious
12/13/2004 09:27 PM (UTC)
Yea, seriously. We don't need a fuckton of fatalities per character.
12/13/2004 11:07 PM (UTC)
I would say everything need a good all going over. death trap for one should end a match an go on to the opponent, the fight engine is okish! but need a hell of alot of work and mork evil fatailities.
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12/14/2004 03:16 AM (UTC)
Well since I remember unlocking the announcer sounds from the website, and explicitly remember him saying 'DISARMED' as one of the voices, i'm assuming the MK team was going to have disarming of opponents (knocking away their weapons), but decided not to implement it.

In MK7, I think...

-Not every character should have a weapon

-Weapons should be seen on the character, and not be pulled out of nowhere, which is ridiculous

-Opponents can disarm each other, deflect each other and even counter and steal opponent's weapons (effectively giving characters who have no weapons a new weapon to fight with). In single player mode, a player who disarms a computer opponent and takes the weapon should be able to keep it for the remainder of the game.

-There should be more room for improvised and player-created combos, rather than strictly dial-a-combo

-Team Kombat should be implemented with team attacks, and special team fatalities for the correct team combinations (ex. Kabal and Kira, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, etc)

-Memory should be expanded so that, during Team Kombat, defeated opponents lie on the ground throughout the match, or can be finished before next character comes in.

-The ability to shake out of a 'finish him' dizzy

-More fatalities (at leat 3+) per character in brutal, gory more comical fatalities

-Brutality combos that result in a unique finish...not always an explosion, but maybe a unique weapon gutting or decapitation or otherwise massive beatdown, sort of like ultra-combos in Killer Instinct

-Interactive story mode that allows you to choose who you fight, and endings are determined by who you fight/kill/spare

-Mercy moves should return, but they don't restore health, they're just a quick 5-10 hit combo that leaves the opponent beaten, but alive (for the sake of good sportsmanship or for sparing opponents in story mode to get alternate endings)

-Up to 4+ alternate costumes per character, NOT counting alternate color schemes

-Multiple color schemes per character (but nothing too outlandish) including special character specific color schemes (for example: an icy-skinned Sub-Zero, a transparent Smoke, scaly ninja Reptile, etc)

-At LEAST 3 secret characters that need to be unlocked by completing special requirements in the game, such as beating the game with certain characters, getting certain endings, inputting 'Ultimate Kodes', discovering them in Konquest, etc.

The return of REAL stage fatalities...not this death trap BS. An option to turn off Death Traps until 'Finish Him/Her' appears and then a special move to instantly execute the stage fatality would be much more proper and traditional MK.

-A very expanded Konquest mode that is a unique, 12-15 episode journey unique to each character, detailing their past, their reason for being in MK7, and a special final battle that unlocks after you complete the game with them that pits them against their final nemesis (e.g. Sub-Zero against Noob, Kitana against Mileena, etc). Every completed mission should yield a character specific special item, such as bio and alternate costumes and color schemes, maybe fatality moves unlocked and added to the moves list.

...I think that's it for now.

12/14/2004 03:54 AM (UTC)
They need a full redesign of the fighting engine really. Whats the point of adding another stance when you will only use one stance anyway and only 1 or 2 moves in that stance. If they want to cash in on the 3d game craze they really should copy a system and maybe add something to it or just go back to having a 2d game they claim is 3d(mk4). The halfassed system they have now is so poorly thought out and executed its really sickening. I'd rather have no unlockable characters and no fatalities but have a good fighting system. I have friends who work for paradox and they've always done a pretty solid job on their fighting games thrill kill's engine would be great for MK so there is some hope for MK hopefully paradox will handle the next MK fighting game and not get stuck on an action title.
12/14/2004 04:18 AM (UTC)
mk 7 needs a miracle and a prayer. deadly alliance good step into the market. deception is the same game just got a spit shine and a pimp my ride esque up grade. i want somehting like vf4 fighting. it flows. ever watch Pai or Lei Fei move it is constant motion. if mk could take the fighting fluiidy from vf4 and soul calibur and put into their styles this game could be crazy. mk has the best story out of any fighting game, and with each incarnation it gets bigger and bigger. with Khan And liu kang back into the mix this next one is gonna be apocalyptic. we need more uppercut through the ceiling type shit. cuz that is just sweet. more rivalries would be cool though. like an actual story with mileena and kitana and jade and sindel. maybe mileena could even kill sindel and then kitanan would have a vendetta! sweet! also the whole kill off a characer thing needs to stop unless you are going to STAY dead! but yeah that's just my oppinon!

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