Mortal Kombat: Legend of the Trounament
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This game would be different of what we have expirienced on the new systems. This game wold be a mix. We would go back to the day of Mortal Kombat 1-2-3 but we would see stage and character detail very smooth and good looking. We would see a large aray of characters. Every character from MK1 - Deception including secret characters and characters un heard of.

Team Fight- Player choosed 2 fighters to fight together that you can switch in and out with on button.
Special Fight-Player can choose from many types of fights- Invisible, 30% damage, first knock down......
Kreate a Kharacter-

more to come. i have to go to bed.
03/27/2005 09:18 AM (UTC)
Goodnight. sleep So far it doesn't seem too bad an idea. Another mode could be War, where up to ten or so kombatants go nuts and beat the living s**t out of each other. I would like to see Test Your Might and Sight return as well. wink
03/27/2005 05:00 PM (UTC)
Heres how i see it.
1)People who like the old graphics and gameplay get a peice of what they want.
2)Less 3d-ness more space and ability for more characters
3)For Online the aracde experience would be grand
4)Ability for more modes
5) Could easily make it a -Trilogy- or another MK game with loads of secret characters
6)Could add a adventure mode to it.

here are some other features-

Stage Fatalities- Ability to do stage fatalities as a finisher and like a death trap.
Multi Level stages- Meaning there are like levels with in a stage in which a player can jump up and down to reach. I have a pic of this idea but dont know how to get it on here yet.
Weapons- Are in stage, each character has one, and can also be stolen.

ok well tell me what you want me to explain further and i will do.
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