Mortal Kombat X Guest Fighter: Dante
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Mortal Kombat X Guest Fighter: Dante
01/23/2018 02:43 PM EST
Name: Dante (no revealed surname)
Height: (estimate) 6 ft/1.83 m
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Occupation: Devil Hunter
First Appearance: Devil May Cry, published 23 Aug, 2001
Voice Actor: Reuben Langdon

Costume 1: His appearance in the first "Devil May Cry". His trademark red-leather trench coat, red pants, black boots, red vest over a black turtleneck
Costume 2: Appearance in "Devil May Cry 4". Red leather trench coat, black pants, casual black coat
Costume 3: Appearance in "Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening". Brown pants, bare-chest under his red leather trench coat, brown holsters on back.

Variations: Elemental, Gunslinger, and Swordmaster (default selection)

Attack combos:
XXX: Punch combo
XXY: Punches, followed by kick
XXB: Punches, followed by a spin kick
XYB: Two kicks, sword slash
YYB: Three slashes
YXA: Slash, kick, shove
YA X+A: Down slash, up slash, swap throw

Special Moves:
Dual Shot: Obvious, one shot from each of his pistols; enhanced, six shots (also Air Dual Shot)
Thrust Stab: Charges with his sword (hold to delay); enhanced, followed by slash
Sword Flip: Makes three circles, flipping his sword; enhanced, bounce effect
Devil Trigger: Takes the form of a demon for a duration depending on Meter, which is spent; regenerates health and all attacks deal more damage

Move variations:
Unique moves featuring a lightning guitar-like scythe named Nevan and ice nunchakus named Cerberus
Away+Y: Lifts opponent with Nevan
XYB: Bolts from Nevan
YXB: Hits with Cerberus
Jam Session: (add forward or away for place of attack) Lightning like beam comes up from ground; enhanced, additional hits
Guitar Smash: Slams Nevan to electrify ground; enhanced, lifts opponent from ground
Ice Stunt: Flips in the air with Cerberus; enhanced, freezes opponent
Crystal: Three ice spikes generated; enhanced, freezes opponent

Additional moves with pistols
XY, Forward+Y: Punch, kick, shot
Bullet Storm: Spins while shooting, also done in air
Blast: Fires once from a dual-barreled shotgun; also done in the air (Brutality)
Jumpshot: Jumps back while shooting four bullets; enhanced, two additional hits knocking opponent down; also done in the air
Jackpot: Dramatically approaches and shoots with both guns; enhanced, lifts opponent from ground (Brutality, hold attack button of prompt when performing move)

Two additional sword moves similar to those of Scorpion's unique moves as Ninjitsu; also uses dual swords named Angi and Rudra
Away+Y: Lifts opponent from ground
Forward+Y: Swings sword down
(air) Down+B: Holds sword out for a falling slash
YYYA: Chain of swings with his dual swords
Sword Parry: Counters attack if performed at the right time, two hits
Sword Tackle: Throws sword at opponent and jumps up to knock opponent to ground (Brutality)
Fire Tornado: Tornado-like wall of fire; enhanced, bounce effect
Fire Missile: Charges with a fire stream; enhanced, bounce effect
Spear-like: Variation of Thrust Stab, Dante stabs an additional three times; enhanced, one more hit--during which he says, "Breakdown"--opponent is knocked across (Enhanced move is Brutality)

X-Ray Move: Dante throws his sword (if he's jump distance from opponent), breaking the opponent's ribs, and then thrusts it deeper, severing the heart valves; kicks to jump away firing his guns until his sword goes all the way through the opponent's body, breaking the spine. Dante is then on opposite side of screen he was before, showing that he retrieved his sword.

Finishing moves

Devil Never Cry: Dante stabs the opponent in the face and jumps, flipping the opponent and the head splits open, the opponent laying face-down.
In The Name of my Father: Dante uses his Devil Trigger for the strength, pulls the opponent by the shoulders to rip them. The upper half of their body is split open, but the head is still attached.


Dante: I see a challenge here.
Scorpion: Of course you do!
Dante: Someone's in a bad mood.

Scorpion: What do you want?
Dante: Right now, you to lighten up.
Scorpion: I'll burn you!

Mileena: You look appetizing.
Dante: How come I don't meet nice girls?
Mileena: You will regret that insult!

Dante: So, what do you do? Dance?
Mileena: I kill and eat.
Dante: Suddenly, you're turning me off.

Quan Chi: Why do you fight us?
Dante: It's just the living I make.
Quan Chi: Then it will be your death.

Dante: What an interesting look.
Quan Chi: You will make a perfect servant.
Dante: Don't count on it.

Ermac: We will have your soul.
Dante: You'll have to take it.
Ermac: We will do just that.

Dante: That look doesn't scare me.
Ermac: We are not as weak as you think.
Dante: Oh, I figured that.

Johnny: And whose side are you on?
Dante: Not the demons' side.
Johnny: Well then, let's spar.

Dante: I hope you're a challenge.
Johnny: You won't be disappointed.
Dante: Neither will you.

Sonya: Uh no...
Dante: Oh, don't be so sour.
Sonya: I have no time for people like you.

Dante: How 'bout we get some pizza?
Sonya: Shove it.
Dante: Rude...

Jax: Ever heard of laying low?
Dante: Not my forte.
Jax: Pity...

Dante: Punches with those hands must really hurt.
Jax: Best you avoid 'em, then.
Dante: Not the worst advice.

Kitana: What a distasteful sword.
Dante: And you think your fans fare better?
Kitana: As deadly as I.

Dante: Let's rock, Baby!
Kitana: You're worse than the vain actor!
Dante: Ah, come on!

Kung Lao: Nice sword.
Dante: Nice hat.
Kung Lao: You'd be surprised what it does.

Dante: Let's get crazy!
Kung Lao: Don't we all?
Dante: Well, I always do!

Kano: That pretty-boy look won't save ya!
Dante: My trusted sword and guns are all I need.
Kano: Cocky, ain't ya?

Dante: You look ridiculous.
Kano: Beats the mullet 'n red leather.
Dante: At least I have style.

Reptile: I will devour you!
Dante: Not if I break your teeth.
Reptile: Better keep your eyes on me.

Dante: A face not even a mother would love.
Reptile: You will regret that insult!
Dante: Never.

Ferra: Can't wait for Torr to squash you!
Dante: You'll be waiting a lot longer.
Ferra: Like that sword of yours would break him!

Dante: You chose a bodyguard over a pet?
Ferra: Torr here is a wonderful friend!
Dante: You'll need a new one after this.

D'Vorah: You will make a wonderful nest!
Dante: Is that all I'd be good for?
D'Vorah: Quite frankly, you would.

Dante: Now it's a party!
D'Vorah: But not for long.
Dante: I'll still enjoy it!

Jacqui: Can't be an Outworlder. You some mercenary?
Dante: Somewhere among those lines.
Jacqui: You look odd for one.

Dante: Know any good pizza places?
Jacqui: Why are you asking me?
Dante: I'm hungry. Why else?

Cassie: Sword's old-fashioned. Don't you think?
Dante: Maybe. What's your point?
Cassie: Just sayin'.

Dante: I like you already.
Cassie: If for how I look, thanks.
Dante: Let's get this party started!

Raiden: What do you want here?
Dante: Pay for having fun slaying demons.
Raiden: Fighting was never meant to be fun.

Dante: I'm on your side, Thunder God.
Raiden: Why?
Dante: That's personal.

Erron: This should be easy.
Dante: Don't hold back.
Erron: Wouldn't dream of it.

Dante: Let's see who has the better guns.
Erron: And the better reflexes.
Dante: May the better man win.

Kenshi: I sense something peculiar...
Dante: That would be me.
Kenshi: Just don't get cocky.

Dante: How can you fight me, blind?
Kenshi: With the other senses, of course.
Dante: Do put up a good fight.

Shinnok: You are a fool to confront me.
Dante: You're just like all the rest, vampire-face.
Shinnok: My powers are unmatched.

Ladder Ending:
The half-demon, half-human mercenary was more than excited to come across a wide conflict having found himself in the place called "Earthrealm". Dante rode in hell and entered a portal, believing it would take him home. Instead, he got in the middle of the siege by the Netherrealm. Being the infamous Devil Hunter for years had him intervene. However, he expected pay in return for his service. In the process, he wondered if any was as skilled as he is. Almost immediately, Dante pursued and slew Quan Chi, and then the fallen god Shinnok.
Dante was not only more than eager to return home with gold and the spoils of war--with the help of Raiden--but the Devil Hunter was inspired to use other weapons that he saw others use. Having mastered the chain spear, he now waits patiently for the one called Scorpion to find him.

Thanks to sprite-genius for the idea. He has his own series of Guest Fighters. Check them out.
I'm putting this in scraps because I don't intend to make a series. Plus, it's really difficult expecting unique abilities giving a character variations. I got bored trying to think of the interactions. So, for the characters I didn't list, I'm leaving that to whoever happens to read this.
-A few special moves are those seen in "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3", what I see him do with Rebellion, Cerberus, Nevan, and Agni & Rudra.
-I'm sticking with the original Dante because the Dante in the reboot to the DMC series is insufferable.
-I thought Dante would try to come on to Cassie, assuming she would remind him of Trish.
-Dante loves his pizza :giggle:
-A few interaction lines come from his introduction lines in "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3"

The ending is completely made-up. Because DMC3 and DMC4 show him using newly acquired weapons in cutscenes, I assumed that he would learn as quickly with those he sees used by the MK fighters. Plus, I thought it would be fun that Dante makes a rivalry with Scorpion.

Mortal Kombat (c) Netherrealm Studios
Dante (c) Capcom

Alignment good slash neutral
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