My idea for how MK could end
Let's see I'll have it like this. In MK7, Liu Kang witnesses Raiden kill Shao Kahn, Liu Kang and Raiden fight, in the end Raiden is warped back to his senses, but has to sacrfice himself to prevent the One Being from returning. Liu Kang also learns that Kung Lao succeeded in killing Goro, but died from being mortally wounded. Meanwhile Scorpion finally exacts his revenge on Quan Chi. But the Elder Gods tell him that they require his services one last time, the One Being is still a threat and is preparing to make his return. Meanwhile Shang Tsung survived the ensuing battle and devours Kung Lao's soul. But then right after this happens, the One Being returns by inhabiting Shang Tsung's body. Liu Kang gathers Sonya, Johnny Cage, Kitana and Jax in preparation for the final battle which will bring the realms at peace once more. This is where MK8 comes in. Fujin brings together the Earthrealm Warriors which consists of: Liu Kang, Kitana, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Smoke (newly reformed), Bo' Rai Cho, Ermac, Kenshi, and Cyrax.

Oh yes I forgot about I had planned for Sub-Zero, in MK7. Sub-Zero frees Smoke from his brother's control. Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot battle. It's a long and hard fight, but in the end Sub-Zero comes out on top. Noob Saibot begs that he be spared, but Sub-Zero knows that the brother he knew is gone fully. Sub-Zero removes Noob Saibot's spine. And puts the wraith who was once his brother to rest for good.

Cyrax has some unfinished buisness with Sektor and with the help of Kenshi, destroys his red counterpart and destroys the clan Sektor was setting up saving Japan.

The Earthrealm Warriors march into Outworld where the showdown to end all showdowns is set to begin. Things are not going well, Shang Tsung's power combined with that of the One Being is too much for the Earthrealm Warriors to handle as the One Being prepares to merge all of reality, all seems lost until the spirit of Raiden appears and provides strength to Liu Kang. Liu Kang then prepares his fireball fatality knowing it will not be enough he calls upon the strength of all. Sub-Zero however was gravely wounded in the battle and uses the last of strength. Sub-Zero slowly begins to die. Scorpion holds his former enemy in his arms. Scorpion apoligizes for killing his brother so many years ago and for blaming him for the deaths of his family and clan. Sub-Zero accepts it, thus Scorpion and Sub-Zero make peace as Sub-Zero passes leadership of the Lin Kuei to Smoke before he dies...

Other improtant MK characters appear here: Sindel, Jade, Stryker, Rain, Ashrah, Kai etc. giving their energy for the final attack. Before Liu Kang can unleash the ultimate attack, The One Being creates a shield thus Liu Kang will have to use the attack to break the shield and it will be his only chance but the spirit of Kung Lao is broken free by doing this and grabs hold of Shang Tsung breaking the shield. Kung Lao tells Liu Kang to shoot. Liu Kang unleashes the ultimate attack which destroys both Shang Tsung and the One Being for good. As Kung Lao's soul is set free he approaches Liu Kang and bids him farewell and good luck in life. Liu Kang and Kung Lao bid a tearful goodbye as Kung Lao's soul ascends to the heavens. The Elder Gods then appear and thank all for their efforts, but they have mostly come to talk to Scorpion, Scorpion stands forth., they tell him now that the One Being can never return his services are no longer needed. The Elder Gods then begin to empower Scorpion, Scorpion feels whatever evil that was left in him removed, then the Elder Gods tell him to take off his mask, Scorpion does so and is surprised to see an actual face there. Then as Hanzo (Scorpion's real name) turns away, he finds his wife and son have been resurrected, Hanzo embraces his wife and son finally reunited with his family. At the touching scene, Kitana renews her offer to become Liu Kang's wife. Liu Kang feels torn between his love for Kitana and his duty to protect Earthrealm, but Bo' Rai Cho assures him that he will go to the White Lotus Society to train warriors in case Earthrealm should ever be placed in peril again. Liu Kang smiles as he announces to the shock of the others his relinquishment of his title as Mortal Kombat champion to allow a new generation of warriors to step forward. Liu Kang then accepts Kitana's offer.

Then during the final credits roll, we are in the realm of Edenia witnessing the wedding of Liu Kang and Kitana. Liu Kang looks around many past MK characters are there including Johnny Cage (who's in tears), Jax, Sonya, Ermac and even Scorpion and his family. Liu Kang also sees the spirits of Kung Lao and Raiden looking on. Sindel then happily weds Liu Kang and Kitana to serve as the new King and Queen of Edenia.

The End

Now I know some of you will think that it sucks, but hey I tried. What happened to other characters is left entirely up to you. In fact you can contribute ideas. grin
03/21/2005 04:05 AM (UTC)
I'd end Mortal Kombat like this:
It'd be around MK12 or 13. The final boss, or "Big Evil," will either be the One Being or something much worse.
There'd be a lot of twists and turns in between, but here's how I see the final fates of most of the characters:

Liu Kang- Does one final heroic deed before his soul finally moves on to the Heavens where he can rest in peace.

Johnny Cage/Sonya Blade- Cage and Sonya retire from fighting and get married. They have a daughter who joins the Special Forces.

Kano- Dead. Killed by Sonya, Mavado, or Kabal.

Raiden- Sinks further and further into darkness. Ties into my theory about Raiden being influenced by the One Being. Raiden eventually becomes or is taken over by the One Being and tires to merge the realms. But with the help of Liu Kang he regains control of his sanity. He then sacrifices himself against the final threat and dies. For good.

Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot- Noob Saibot unifies the Netherealm and sets forth to invade. But Sareena manages to help him resist the corruption in his soul and regain some semblence of his "Sub-Zero" persona. He then takes the Netherealm throne to rule, but ensures the realm will never be a threat to anyone again.

Scorpion- I see Scorpion going either two ways: He either does something heroic that grants him passage to the Heavens where he can be rejoined with his wife and child and rest in peace.
Or, Quan Chi corrupts his wife's soul to use against Scorpion. Scorpion eventually manages to purify her soul and free her from Quan Chi, but as a result he must forever remain the Champion of the Elder Gods.

Reptile/Khameleon- I'm thinking things will work out for Reptile. He will survive the Onaga ordeal and he and Khameleon will be able to live their lives in peace, free from any masters.

Goro- Goro will be killed by Kitana for rejoining Shao Kahn. Before anyone says she'd have no chance against him, that's the point. She'd be the underdog and that's what would make her victory more impressive.

Shang Tsung- He'll return. In the end thogh, he will be killed for good by his nemesis Liu Kang.

Kung Lao- Finally able to retire from fighting. Lives the rest of his life in peace.

Jax- Does not recover from being corrupted by Onaga. Turns evil and is eventually killed by Sonya.

Younger Sub-Zero- Sub-Zero will prove himself as one of the greatest heroes of Mortal Kombat, playing a crucial role in destroying the final threat. Afterward, he'll settle into the Grandmaster role of the Lin Kuei and retire from fighting. He'll eventually pass the Sub-Zero name onto a successor.

Kitana- Kitana restores Edenia and becomes Queen, and is finally able to live in peace.

Mileena- Mileena slowly and painfully manages to let go of her hatred for Kitana. She does something noble and is rewarded by having her face finally fixed. She then moves on to form a new life for herself in Outworld.

Baraka- Dead. Probably killed by Mileena.

Jade- As Kitana becomes Queen of Edenia, Jade becomes an Elite Guard, the highest rank in the Edenian Army.

Kintaro- Will return to prove he is the strongest Shokan of them all. Unfortunatly, he is defeated and killed by Goro.

Shao Kahn- Honestly not sure. Most likely he'll die...but I'm thinking he might die a noble death.

Sindel- Will die heroiclly to save Edenia. She will move on to the afterlife where she will be rejoined with Jerrod and rest in peace.

Sektor- Will be destroyed along with the Tekunin by Sub-Zero.

Ermac- Ermac will become Outworld's defender, ensuring the realm is never threatened or becomes a threat again.

Rain- Will reform and fall in love with Kitana. Becomes King of Edenia by her side.

Shinnok- Will return to bring an end to all of Reality. Finally destroyed for good by Raiden.

Quan Chi- Dead. Killed by Scorpion.

Fujin- After Raiden's death, Fujin takes his place as Protector of Earthrealm.

Kia/Jataaka- Kia and Jataaka return for revenge against Sareena. But Jataaka eventually begins to sympathize with Sareena and is killed by Kia. Kia is later killed by Sareena.

Sareena- Regains her soul and becomes human. Lives rest of her life in peace.

Tanya- Killed by Jade.

Jarek- Killed by either Kano or Mavado.

Reiko- Dead. Sacrifices himself to save Sareena's life.

Kenshi- Retires.

Frost- Returns and joins Noob Saibot. She eventually dies and is damned to the Netherealm. But Noob Saibot, after Sareena helps him and realizing he played a large part in her corruption, feels sympathy for her and allows her to be reincarnated with a clean slate.

As for the others, some I don't know what would happen and others will just be casualties of war.
03/22/2005 01:55 AM (UTC)
damn man just lookin back on mk 1 and then thinkin bout me playin through all tha mk games until now, idk if i can think of an ending or not... idk how mk would end, it would be weird imo
03/22/2005 03:53 AM (UTC)
I think when it does end that everyone will come together to fight off something, sort of like raiden, quan chi and shang did at the end of deadly alliance. But this time, it will be everyone in the tournament. The kind of plot i am thinking is.

Shang Tsung and Quan chi and all the bad guys will team up (the ones that are still alive anyway) They will all try to take over not just Earth but all the realms so they can each rule one and all of them together rule over everything. While Liu Kang (if still alive) and all the good guys are trying to stop them, there is also a greater power. (i wont say the one being because i think the only thing the one being is is a combo of all the realms, the thing that was before it was split, which made the separate realms, i dont think the one being is a person or thing that can kill anyone) Then, once all the bad guys see this happening, everyone will ally to destroy the main evil guy.

Some will die off and some will live and such, but in the end everyone will ally and kill of the evil thing and each of them can live in peace with each other. But, also at the end it will have the bad guys training younger people and teaching them all that they know, implying that a new mortal kombat will be in the works far down the road.

As for some characters like Scorpion, he will be cured of his curse and be able to rest, Quan chi, Shao Kahn, Shinnok will all die if they arent already dead. Shang Tsung may survive and decide to give in and not try to take Earth anymore. Reptile will definately meet Khameleon and they will discover a realm of their own to inhabit and fill with their race. Basically everyone else will go back to having their lives.
03/22/2005 04:52 AM (UTC)
I don't anticipate MK ending any time soon. Here is what could be for several fighters...

Liu Kang - Frees himself from Shang Tsung. Spares Shang Tsung his life and in thanks Shang serves Liu Kang.

Raiden - Goes absolutely bezerk. After killing Shujinko, he goes after anyone who stands in his way and tries to take over all realms in the Elder Gods' behalf (Raiden's MK1 ending)

Reptile - Dies because the power of Dragon King is too great for him.

Sub-Zero-Sonya - becomes a couple. We learn that Soyna has escaped the Dragon King's control has comes to warn Sub-Zero about the dangers in MK8.

Shang Tsung and Raiden switch souls in MK8.

In any event, great ideas guys.

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03/25/2005 01:54 AM (UTC)
At the VERY end it should show Sonya, Jax, Raiden,and Kitana coming from Lui Kang's funeral and then their on a plane to one of the other realms' and the earth blows up (tht would be so cool)furious
03/25/2005 03:51 AM (UTC)
I thought of another one. Like, all of them would be battling something big like in my previous idea. Then, when it is killed, it causes a big explosion or something that causes all of the warriors to return to their rightful realms. It also seals off all portals or any way of getting from one realm to the other, thus stopping all of the taking over stuff. Peace is once again restored to the Mortal Kombat tournament and the rest is history.
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