Petition to make MK7 a Trilogy.... dont get me wrong tho
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07/29/2004 04:56 AM (UTC)
Okay, I've been here for a long time and from what I read from the threads. we all want our favorites in MK7..... some want Mavado back, some want Reiko, some want Shao Kahn, some want the Deadly Alliance, some want Kitana (and I could easily go on and on.... I want Mileena back)

So if someone here can communicate with Midway's team, Boon or has the time to start over a petition... then here is your opportunity....

I say they should take a year (or two confused) and make a really great game with EVRY character of Mortal Kombat.... a new trilogy if you want.... Id say its time for it. I know making a game sure isnt easy, so OKAY they can forget Konquest and Chess for this game and make it an exclusive Mortal KOMBAT game... with improved gameplay and MK-style kombat system. The main goal of this game is to put EVERY character of MK ever.... even Sareena who was only on MKDA for GBA and Chameleon and Khameleon, and Meat and Onaga and Shao Kahn... I mean.... just for one game, make a "Special Edition" with all characters.... a "sexology" (meaning trilogy for six..... oh forget it).

Anyway, I mean even if they dont put stories and ending for this game, they would only concentrate on the characters, Id be satisfied.... altho putting a story is ALWAYS better grin.

That game could be completely out of MK storyline (preventing stupid resurrections or nonsense comebacks) but simply a gamer with fighters and AWESOME gameplay....
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10/29/2004 03:16 AM (UTC)
Bring back Stryker! Give him another chance.
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10/29/2004 03:23 AM (UTC)
Shit, you have my signature man. I was saying this just the other day.
10/29/2004 03:32 AM (UTC)
I'd love to see another Trillogy. To this day, MKT is my favorite. It may certainly be possible on the PS3, considering the new blue-light technology.
10/29/2004 03:36 AM (UTC)
Yeah !!! Even if they wait for XBOX2 and PS3 to make this game..... then alright ! This can just mean the graphics will be better !!

And I think I'm not alone hoping for his fav to return in the next MK....... so a game with ALL the cast of MK would satisfy everyone.. and it'd be interesting to see some long-lost characters such as: Sheeva, Khameleon, Shinnok (who could become awesome with some work) and Stryker and FINALLY a playable Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Goro, Motaro, Moloch, and Onaga.
10/29/2004 03:46 AM (UTC)
This is a great idea...

I also agree that Stryker deserves a second chance. I think he would make a very interesting and unique chartacter, but some changes need to be made...

1. Stryker should have a totally revamped look. He should look less like a New York cop and more like an elite S.W.A.T. team member. He should look kinda like "Bayman" in his alternate from DOA3 except Stryker should look less muscular and have some sort of black mask covering his face. He should have an assault rifle strapped on his back, some gernades strapped to his right thigh and a taser gun strapped to his left thigh.He should also have some combat boots.

2. Stryker needs a new move set...

First move: Strykers first move should be like Jax's gun move in MK:DA except Stryker should hold and point the gun more proffessionally.

Second move: Stryker should be able to pull out his taser gun and electrucute his opponent like in his MK3 fatality execpt it wouldn't kill his opponent. It should work kinda like Scorpion's spear except instead of pulling in his opponent it would electrocute and leave them stunned for a while. It would also have a long range.

Third move: Strykers third move should be like his original bomb throw in MK3 except it would have two versions. The first would be the traditional explosion. The second would be a smoke bomb. Instead of hurting the opponent, the smoke bomb would burst into a puff of smoke and cause the opponent to cough and stumble around, kinda like Noob-Smoke's "stinky cloud" move in MK:Deception. In order for the opponent to be able to tell the bombs apart, the regualr explosion bomb will glow red when it's in the air, while the smoke bomb will glow green while it's in the air.

...I think Stryker is a great character with lots of potential. I hope we see him in MK7, or even MK Trilogy 2...
10/29/2004 04:35 AM (UTC)
The Characters i would like to see return in Mortal Kombat 7 are th following:

Sheeva (Definatly)
Jade (Definatly)
Ermac (Definatly)
Sindel (Definatly)
Li Mei (Definatly)
Tanya (Definatly)
Mileena (Definatly)
Stryker (Definatly)
Khameleon (Definatly)
Sektor (Definatly)
Cyrax (Definatly)
Smoke (Definatly)
Noob Saibot (Definatly)
Quan Chi (Definatly)
Nitara (Definatly)
Kintaro (Definatly)
Goro (Definatly)
Baraka (Definatly)
Frost (Definatly)
Fujin (Definatly)
Havik (Definatly)
Rain (Definatly)
Reptile (Definatly)
Kitana (Definatly)
Reiko (Definatly)
Shang Tsung (Definatly)

and anyother character would be great to have in the game, but these ones especially

Basically a good game would be every character in history of MK playable, each playable seperately, and each have 2 fatalities and a hara kiri, weapons and two other move sets.wink
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10/29/2004 05:26 AM (UTC)
It would be good if there was a MKT 2 or whatever ..

Having every single MK character ever made and then having them all in 3d with a few others would be awesome...

The new technology that the ps2, xbox2 will bring would be the perfect platform well for the actual size of crap they can fill on a disk...

50+ fighters would be fkn LEEET!
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