Reinventing Mortal Kombat (part 2 of my concepts)
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This is part 2 to my Reinventing Mortal Kombat post. With elements taken from my website Immortal Times (everything Mortal Kombat) .
Part one can be read here:
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Part 2:

1. MK 7: The reinvention of the MK Fighting engine:
For MK7 to grab some new attention they need to get rid of the old and in with the new. For MK7 a lot of focus should go into a REAL fighting engine, by this iI mean as much detail should go into as goes into boxing sim styled games. MK7 should feature the most Real Martial Arts Fighting engine of any game of similar genre. The very engine should be on par if not exceed the quality of the best fighting sim you can think of. This kind of realism could add new dept to the MK franchise.

I would be in favour of removing the style switching and focusing one style that combines several fighting arts. As for weapons they are must to provide some extra variation. But the key focus is getting the Fighting engine to be the best Martial Arts similation styled game around. All controls should be designed towards this goal.

2. Reinventing The graphics engine:
As touched on in my previous post MK7 needs to also step it up here and focus on REALity. Everything should be modeled of a real world counterpart, and Real world textures should be captured for each fighter.

3. Reinventing the classics:
Now die hard fans complain and then diehard fans complain so they cant win. By this I mean some want Scorpion to look the same, act the same do the same in each game, then others say that the game is getting stale so whats the balance. Thats tough. But after 6 MK games 7 if you count Ultimate MK3 Its time to follow the simple rule "Out with the old in with the new" Besides Story Lines and Names no Character should bare similar costumes to any previous MK game. Every Move, Every power should be redesigned to give it a fresh feel. Now calm down you classic diehards for MK to go on it needs to be done.

For example:
His appearance Should now represent the fact he is the Champion of the Elder gods. This may involve making him look more official or more classy. Keeping elements of his ninja heritage but giving him an appearance of a Heavenly champion.
Powers: His spear is gone, gone, gone....... But its replaced with , wait for it. ............ Two spears, one from each hand, that he throws they both stab his enemy he then flicks them in the air and brings them down towards him for a finishing kick or similar.
his secondary powers of fire which have always represent to me his demonic nature, should now be gone and replaced with something heavenly of sorts......
Also if he ever removes his mask he should look human with glowing white eyes as the Elder gods would restore his soul and perhaps make him a spirit or angel of sorts.

For More characters check out my site:
I especially like character concepts 1, 5 and 6, ie: Sho, Prisoner 147 and Fusion.
Immortal Times MK7 Character Section

4. Reinventing the arena's
Death traps added a lot to the MKD game. But more is needed. A big think I beleive is simple, remember mortal kombat is a tournament so there should be for starters more spectators in each level watching the fight. Death traps should be refined and enhanced.

5. Reinvention of the Konquest, Krypt and Mini Games:

This topic is constantly in question by fans. If Konquest is to remain it needs to be made a little more interesting and not so frustrating (no training in konquest) . The best soultion they could use a cut down version of the code from Shaolin Monks and adapt that for Konquest.

As for mini games I would like to see MK1 be the only Mini game perhaps mk 3d pong as well.

6: Characters needed:
I wouldnt mind seeing all the previous bosses and sub bosses making an appearance as playable characters. Of course they wouldnt be as strong or even as large when they ruled but it would nice to bring them in.

7: Reinventing MK7 for mass media exposure:
If they make a new Mk movie. Perhaps deals should struck to use likenesses and voices of the actors involved for MK7 assuming the film is of a good quality. Of course the storylines would differ but thats cool. Suggestions/concepts by Chris K

12/14/2004 04:48 AM (UTC)
Possible Storyline and title for MK 7:
Mortal Kombat Champion (or Mortal Kombat Champion of the Elder gods)
The story would focus on Scorpion and his now protection of Heaven itself as former Rulers of Outworld challenge the Elder gods for their domain and power.

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