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I was just thinking that in the next Mortal Kombat game it should be held in Earth Realm ( amazing far-east locations in 3D would be awesome ). However Rain is my alltime favourite ninja ( although Boon and co could have done more with his story/powers/development in 3D ) He would be so awesome couldnt he control the elements? like Rain, Sleet, or Hail?

How could we make his story more engrossing.... ? my thinking... something like ......" from the shadows of edenia , Rain emerged awoken from the broken spell of the dragon king... He decides to abandon his alliance with any new emperor or king and sets of in search of his clan which was overthrown by the Lin Kuei years gone by... and ultimatelyt searching for the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei so he can destroy him and take over the clan as the new Grand Master"

I dont know... its a bit patchy... but what do you guys think? any additions are welcome perhaps we can all contribute and have such an indepth workable story that Boon and co would HAVE TO put him in the next MK.

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11/30/2004 04:23 PM (UTC)
despite being a ripoff that hasn't even got a properly devised story, you're writing is good. There are som many "ninjas" in the story (tough only one of them could be considered to be a true japanese assassin) that Rain is unnecesary for further MKs. IN trylogy he was a pretty good fighter, but despite his moves what makes him so special? For me, nothing.

Check Gavoks MK storyline analysis, so if he is alive, than he plays a not noticable role in the saga. BTW, good that you brought up this idea, I won't start to dissapoint you, there are many Rain fans out there.

11/30/2004 07:57 PM (UTC)
Rain comes from Edenia originally then went to pledge his alligance to Shao Kahn. i doubt he would have anything to do with the Lin Kuei other than wearing a purple version of the ninja costume.
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