Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
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Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/05/2016 09:50 AM EST
Reptile is so overdue for some character development, and his MKX ending would open the door to some possibilities, such as:

1) Reptile pretending to still be loyal to Kotal Kahn when in fact he's manipulating him into serving his own kind, and keeping the existence of other Saurians a secret. Which Kotal and other enforcers would not see coming, given Reptile's long history as a lackey.

2) Reptile coming to blows with the other Saurians, either because they only view him as an outsider and someone to use for their own ends, or because he achieves power among them and becomes a tyrant.

To elaborate on 2, Reptile could reveal these Saurians' existence to Kotal or whoever rules Outworld, and get them enslaved. Reptile could negociate with Kotal to be or remain in charge of them. Imagine that, from wanting to be re-united with his race to being their oppressor.

3) Reptile, being well-meaning, reveals these Saurians' existence to Kotal, thinking it would be better for them to stop hiding underground, which instead gets them in trouble. Things get so bad that Reptile, desperate, tries to form an alliance with the Earthrealmers to save his kind.

You can easily fit Khameleon in all of this. She could be the one who allies herself with Earth, either because Reptile still futilely tries to plead with Kotal, or has betrayed his kind.

What do you think? Should his MKX ending happen?
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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/05/2016 12:33 PM EST
While his MKX ending was awesome, and there should be a hint of canon in it, I'm guessing that the whole "Reptile = Onaga" thing will play out in the next MK game. There's probably a good way to do both.

For the most in-depth, in-detail, Mortal Kombat lore analysis vids, there's only one source:

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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/05/2016 12:50 PM EST
Personally, I 'd go with option 1. He's been a lackey for far too long and it seems most of his endings after Deception he ends up getting his race back. It's time to give him room to grow.
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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/05/2016 01:54 PM EST
All endings should be canon, from the get go (not that I agree with some of the endings). If they was we would have a different MK in terms of arrangement. Plus, it's healthy for the fighters story growth and would make MK be in some kind of sequence. Let the outcomes gain momentum.
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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/05/2016 07:22 PM EST
They have a taken a much different approach to the endings since MKDA. Whereas in years past, the endings were all "this is something that MIGHT happen to affect the next game", the endings from the 3d era (except for Armageddon, thank God) and MK9/MKX have all typically been character development plot devices. Some have been terrible, others significant, and all, in some way or another, have had an impact on how the character develops in the next game.

The Lin Kuei could very well be having dragons flying around their temple in the next game.

Ermac could very well have had a majority of his power siphoned away by Shang Tsung, eliminating him from the next game or giving him less power.

Reptile's race could return but work out to be a negative for Reptile or positive.

Jade not being among the revenants could mean that the "war goddess" within her soul somehow saved her.

Johnny may now exist in all future games due to discovery the secret to Edenian immortality.

I do enjoy the fact that these ending are now mere foreshadowing to the characters' future story arcs. The Reptile theories you propose are plausible and I wouldn't mind seeing any one of them incorporated into the game somehow.
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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/07/2016 01:06 PM EST
I've said before that I'm hoping Kotal Kahn actually respects or reveres Reptile, and the rest of his kind.
Due to his cultural design origins, Kotal could be Reptiles big break, and best ally to date.


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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/22/2016 04:26 PM EST
Honestly, I think it'd be pretty cool if Reptile remained loyal to Kotal Kahn, considering he spared Reptile's life earlier in the series if you read the comics
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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/26/2016 09:31 PM EST
I'd love if he remains loyal to Kotal and brings them to his attention. Kotal welcomes them, but there is dissent among the saurians. Most would respect Reptile but there would be a small few rebelling, gaining ground. Eventually Reptile would be forced to make a choice put down the rebellion himself or allow Kotal to take matters into his own hands. He challenges the usurper and kills him exiling his loyal followers and accepting those who repent. More lore could be added, maybe a new saurian character, and the Onaga body vessel could fall to this new dead character.

In fact this could play into another new character they introduce, an acolyte of Onaga. This character could be a mysterious new character, hell call him Damashi as a nod to MKD but with an alteration. He would take the corpse of the Usurper and fashion it into a body for Onaga.
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RE: Should Reptiles MKX ending be canon? *Spoilers*
11/27/2016 10:16 AM EST
It's a big refresh for him so it should be canon. + it's dope.+ I invented the Reptile's ending, there's a thread on MKO to prove it if someone isn't believing me.
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