Anyone else drop out after MK4?
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Anyone else drop out after MK4?
10/29/2016 04:57 AM EST
I did have MK5 and played a bit of it, I liked it cause you could stick weapons in people and they lose energy. Other than that I didn't really like how much it changed. I didn't get MK6. I got MK armageddon tho and loved it cause of the intro and that it was basically MK Trilogy 2. I didn't get the DC game after that but got MK9 and didn't play it much. I liked the idea of a MK Trilogy 3 tho. Too bad Liu Kang died again but it's good that he got ressurected as a god instead of a zombie tho. That's the fate he deserved, not a zombie.

Anyway, anyone else basically drop out after 4 when they drastically redid the gameplay?
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RE: Anyone else drop out after MK4?
10/31/2016 06:18 PM EST
Not me, nor most of the posters here, otherwise they probably wouldn't still be posting here.

I basically started with MKDA, although i had played MKII a little before that. I have been into MK ever since and have as many games as i could get.

As for that whole godhood thing, that was a non-canon ending. In MKX it's very clear that Liu Kang was resurrected as undead. Where you been?