* *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
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* *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
07/12/2007 12:09 PM EST

From the Moment I unlocked your Mysterious Fine Frosty Ass in Deadly Alliance, I knew I had fallen in Love...again.

Frost is an Amazing Character! She's Evil, overly ambitious, Arrogant, Cold Hearted, what's not to Love! She lusts for power, and will let no one stand in the way of her goals, no matter how difficult the Obstacles are.

Your Look was So Slick, So Deadly, So Sexy. You pulled off the Ninja look amazingly. Your alternate was also beautiful, although I still prefered your Ninja one.

You proved to me you were Strong, Physically and Mentally.
You struck down all in your path to achieve your goal at becoming the Great Sub Zero's apprentice.
When you saw that Tough Blonde Army Chick, and realized she began catching on to you, without hesitation you assaulted her, and that took Guts!
And Finally, you did it. You struck down your master and took his Medallion for yourself. You would now be Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei!


...At least until your lack of Discipline allowed you to be consumed by the Medallion's Power.

Sub Zero gave you a proper burial and left to fight Onaga... The End for Frost? Nope.

She awoke from her Chilling Coma, now consumed with a newfound grudge against Sub Zero. She assumed that he left her there to die, and he would pay for it dearly. She made her way back to Earthrealm, and patiently waited for Sub Zero, plotting his Demise every Second, Every Hour. She slowly slipped into Insanity as her Lust for Retribution consumed her...

Before long, Frost's Insanity met its peek, and she assaulted every Palette Swap Lin Kuei Warrior she came across, believing them to be Sub Zero. When the Real Sub Zero returned from the batte against the Dragon King, he found the Dead Corpses of his fellow clansmen scattered around the Lin Kuei temple. When he realized that this horrid scene was caused by the Lovely Psycho Bitch whom he thought was dead, he felt it was time to Act. He...

..Froze her again...with the intentions of her facing possibly a fair trial and proper punishment. Little does he understand that everytime she Frozen, her Heart Only Gets Colder.

We haven't seen her MKA Bio, though we can assume that it will basically explain what was covered in MKU. We know that Taven came across her body in the Lin Kuei temple and revived her from her Cold Sleep, only to be mistaken for Sub Zero and attacked. He was actually able to beat sense into her, and she left to continue her quest for Sub Zero's head.

For her Horrible MKA Ending, possibly she learned of her Cryomancer Heritage? Did she learn it from her Icy Tomb, or did she learned it from some other source? We'll have to wait and see.

Future-wise, I would love to see Frost in the future, though her chances are very Slim. Sub Zero has so many enemies currently, and if he lives beyond Armageddon, he'll have plenty more, Frost needs to side with someone. She is very unsucessful alone, probably too Stubborn to admit it, but she needs to align herself with one of Subby's rivals like Noob Saibot or even Sektor, even if it is just to use them for her plans, and then betray them in the end.

Overall, Frost is a Great Character, and has some a lot potential in the future, though sadly I have a feeling it will be wasted. sad

Disscuss Anything about Frost (Present/Future, Looks, Moves, etc.)

Can't wait to see some Replies! smile

- B_C
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RE: * *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
07/12/2007 02:10 PM EST
Nice post... really. Frost is just my favourite female character. The only female fighter i love more than Frost is Dural (Virtua Fighter series), she has a great look, Sub Zero is that guy who had to have a female version, its just unexplainable how the MK team just created Frost in MK5... she is cold hearted and minded, wich are very good abilities in the MK universe. I would like to say that she is HOT, but for reasons you are suposed to understand, i will just say she is SO FUCKING SEXY. and... if she does not appear in future games, MK will loose some points in my "best beat' m up scale", and will probably be overthrown by Virtua Fighter 5. Frost, we love you, please come back...
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RE: * *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
07/12/2007 05:01 PM EST
Frost has some really slick moves. Plus those ice-daggers are the perfect weapon for Frost. I like how her hair is well........ frosty! They could have given that "ground freeze" back to Sub- Zero in mk:Armageddon, but instead Frost kept it.It's a good thing though, because it fits Frost more. Yeah, Frost is definitly one of the best newer characters of MK.
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RE: * *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
07/12/2007 08:25 PM EST

What an excellent post!! And you made me smile and laugh with some of your comments, specially because of the angle you spoke about her. grin


Frost has a lot of attitude to position her as an authentic character. For starters, she is an arrogant annoying selfish bitch. Overconfident but very persistence, perhaps stubborn, but either way, perseverant (stupid or smart, we will see in MKA).

She is also very cocky and feels the necessity to prove she is a great warrior, she needs to show off the qualities that make her so superior to the rest, and still play the innocent student role she played in MKDA.

I see her as being too quick in making her decisions, as someone who acts before she thinks, though she did plan very well her betrayal towards Sub-Zero.

I love that she is getting all crazy and angry about her “sifu”.


No doubt sexy, no doubt “cool”. For me, she just looks fine. Good costumes that don’t really stand out because we have seen the same stuff for all the other chicks (except Sonya, Li Meis primary and Ashrahs primary), but her hair is what makes her so damn original in MK. Very cool. Her costumes are good looking, and I prefer her primary, a more serious and deadly look imo.


Well, she is both smart, and stupid. Smart because of her probably ingenious ways of tricking people, of playing saint, of learning quickly, double crossing Sub-Zero, stealing his medallion, etc.

But perhaps a bit stupid for having defied (though yeah, it took guts) MKs tough bitch Sonya Blade, she even underestimated Sonya as implied in her Konquest, and for her overconfidence that lead her to challenge Sub-Zero and get frozen for acting before thinking her plans.


Definitely powerful. Not only did she kick Sub-Zeros butt (well, not really, but she defeated him), she also took care of plenty of the Lin Kuei warriors while being all crazy and psycho, confusing reality, etc. Must had taken her loads of strength to finish off so many powerful Lin kuei, alone.


So much potential. She is wicked, she has gone crazy, she IMO, has the power (of course by cheating as well) to defeat Sub-Zero and take over the Lin Kuei which would be fantastic, I would love to see her more developed, and if they need to sacrifice Sub-Zero for a game or two or 10, then I wouldn’t mind. I love Sub-Zero but Frost is potentially deep and can do much, so if it’s a matter of who stays and who goes, I think Frost has rightfully disserved the chance to be the one to return. Sub can rest for a couple of games.

I truly hope her MKA bio is not some shitty “take over the Lin Kuei because Im the queen and sub must die!” thing. I want to see more of Frost, more of her hatred, anger, more of her possible rivalry with Sonya, her possible relations with Sareena, and most definitely, her facing Sub-Zero, and with luck, who knows? She might imprison him as “punishment” for the “evil” he did to her.

I agree that Frost needs some sort of outsider in order to plan her actions with more precise effectiveness. Sektor comes to mind. She andhim would do an excellent team together....but wait! Theres also Mavado who is seeking to destroy the Lin Kuei as hinted in his ending.

Such a bitch, that Frost.

Her ending is actually good in MKA, sure the part of freezing all the worlds can be omitted for obvious reasons, but it has so much potential. I do hope to see her take the Medallion, defeat Sub-Zero with discipline, and this time, corrupting her ancestors with an unimaginable evil.

Special Moves and MKDA Fatality:

Wicked and very cool fatality (one of the best in that series that had awful fatalities), and her special moves are awesome.


I love the way you wrote this thread, it was so much fun to read, made me laugh, and the use of pictures was a great great idea!

Frost is a character with deep potential that must be explored, hopefully she doesn’t go underdeveloped in MKA. I hope to see some (even if its small) hint of her rivalry with Sonya, and if possible, an alliance with a threat to Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei....Noob Saibot JUST came to my mind.

Frost rocks!
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RE: * *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
07/14/2007 12:49 AM EST
I really like Frost. She's my fifth favorite character.

Her look is what first attracted me to her in Deadly Alliance. I mean it was explosive! The cool ninja costume, the glowing blue eyes, the hair... It was just so cool. Then after playing as her, I loved her Ground Freeze. I find it much better than Sub-Zero's ball. She also had one of the best fatalities in that game, along with a pretty interesting story.

She's definitely got potential for the future. I was bummed that she didn't make it to Deception, especially since she was one of the most acclaimed characters of Deadly Alliance. In Armageddon, I really hate how they made her Ground Freeze look. It looks sloppy and fat instead of graceful and slick. Her Ice Puddle looks cheap too but it's effective, and her Teleport Punch is GREAT.

I like all of her moves except for how the Ground Freeze and Ice Puddle look in MKA.

I hope she gets a good bio for MKA too. Her Deadly Alliance and Unchained bios were both a little dull for me. DA was alright, but not great.
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RE: * *Death by Ice: The Official Frost Thread* *
07/14/2007 08:39 PM EST
She's a pretty interesting character, a female subby knock off that's arrogant, foolish and incredibly "cold"tongue
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