Hilarious Mess Ups
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Hilarious Mess Ups
09/20/2014 02:21 PM EDT
Ever find something ridiculous about this game on other sites that are just too funny not to make fun of?

I'm currently shopping for a costume for Halloween and I managed to spot this goof-up on the description of the costume:

Sub-Zero is actually two characters- In the first Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero was killed by Scorpion but later came back as Sub-Zero's son dressing in Sub Zero's costume- The Men's Sub Zero Mortal Kombat costume features a black jumpsuit with an attached tabard and elaborately molded armor pieces just like the ones worn by Subzero in the game including gauntlets, leg guards, arm guards and a mask- The Men's Deluxe Mortal Kombat Subzero Costume brings this video game character from the TV screen to real life and makes a strong and manly costume to wear to your next Halloween Party- Includes: a jumpsuit with an attached tabard, belt, molded armor and mask- This is an officially licensed costume- Size: Standard (One size fits up to 44 jacket size)- Material: 100% Polyester- Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only- SKU: CSTSP13378

Link here

Found any mishaps you think is too funny not to post here?
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RE: Hilarious Mess Ups
09/22/2014 06:18 PM EDT

Back in the 90's when internet wasn't an everyday commodity some Czech gaming magazines reported that Sub in MK3 was out to kill Scorpion for vengeance. For killing his family. Also, Kung Lao was a deity from the afterlife in MK3.

Lot of misreports back then, especially since game lots weren't as relevant. And MK always will be a teen enterprise.
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