Idea for Meat
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Idea for Meat
11/25/2016 08:05 PM EST
What if Shang Tsung stole DNA from Shao Kahn and secretly plotted with Rain to unleash a finished clone of the Emperor but Shang's demise, resulted in a muscular brute without skin escaping into Outworld.

Is Meat interesting if it acted like Torr?
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RE: Idea for Meat
04/11/2018 12:22 PM EST
I'd like to see incomplete Meat granted ties to the Brotherhood of Shadow, and lent asylum, for once obliging Shinnok on multifarious journeys.
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RE: Idea for Meat
01/14/2019 02:15 AM EST

Uhh... I like this idea a lot, but if that's the case, I think I'd rather just have Drahmin. He seems to fit that same physical description anyway, but with a cool mask. I always really wanted to see Drahmin and Moloch explored in greater detail. Their conceptual designs were awesome!