Mortal Kombat-Ninja Characters
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Mortal Kombat-Ninja Characters
12/28/2017 02:40 PM EST
I know that, since the beggining of Mortal Kombat, the ideas of ninjas was taking different forms. Even so, everyone will see Sub-Zero and Scorpion as ninjas. They have a clan, a martial art learned, principles, etc. But with the changing of the games, many playable characters, that could be ninjas, would morphed into warriors, but no necesary ninjas.
I ask do you think these characters are ninjas:
Jade (both have skills like ninja, and Jade has her pole)
Mileena (like before, she has her Sais)
Ermac (in the beginning, he was dressed as a ninja, but in the new continuity, he doesn't seem like before)
Rain (same as Ermac, he is far from a ninja style nowadays)
Shujinko (he has trained in many arts and styles)
Reptile (he is dresed like, but his fight style doesn't fit)
Cyrax (when they transformed into robots, the technology suplanted their skills)
Shang Tsung (maybe, like Shujinko, he traveled and learned about martial arts)
Kobra (maybe more like karateka)

Just want to see what's your opinion about, and if you think another character with ninja style.
whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there.

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RE: Mortal Kombat-Ninja Characters
01/29/2018 01:39 AM EST
Ermac i wouldnt call a ninja anymore. Though im sure many souls he has as his form know skills.

Scorpion Subzero Sektor Cyrax Smoke are defintly ninjas as current or formor members of Lin Quei and Shirairyu in the case of Scorpion.

Reptile isnt a ninja

Rain kitana mileena jade were trained as Assassins by Shao Khan so technicly yes you can call then ninja assassins

Tremor was a ninja but since his MKX mutation hes different now
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RE: Mortal Kombat-Ninja Characters
01/29/2018 01:12 PM EST
If we are talking in terms of the traditional shinobi look, and being respectful to ninja Japanese folklore, i'd say Noob Saibot obviously resembled a ninja the most, (although he's technically not) no matter how he evolved. Simply because of his appearance and he's sable, story aside. Everyone else is a different matter, because of their hue. Oh and as Sub-Zero he didn't class himself as a ninja, he is something else. We found that out in MKMSZ.
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RE: Mortal Kombat-Ninja Characters
04/02/2018 11:34 AM EST
To be bold, Mavado has the look of a thief/ninja/knight, with the plain Red Dragon bandana and silver sheathing. As a evil chevalier, I'm not sure that would indicate he is a legit learner in the ways of ninjutsu (which actual ninjas study).
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