Mortal Kombat Relationships
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Mortal Kombat Relationships
01/21/2016 03:26 PM EST

I've only played MKX so dnt know alot about it but Ive seen some videos on youtube about all the characters...kharacters ¬_¬

I was wondering wot ur favourite relationship was...n i dont mean boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, I mean in general

here are some I found whilst watchin videos :

Sub Zero - Smoke

Mileena - Kitana

Kung Lao - Liu Kang

Quan Chi - Shinnok

Shao Khan - Raiden

Sub Zero - Noob Saibot

...obvs theres more, lots more but i wondered which relationships u were most fond of, and also why?

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RE: Mortal Kombat Relationships
01/22/2016 08:56 AM EST
Shao Kahn - Skarlet. Sub-Zero - Frost. Jade - Kitana. They could of expanded the story interactions between these fighters as they are linked in miscellaneous relationships. These in particular would of captivated me, if I knew the unrevealed details.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Relationships
03/01/2016 07:15 AM EST
The intro dialogue sort of hints a thing between Mileena and Tanya. Blatant one is Tremor calling Tanya "Mileena's concubine". My male hormones approve.

Scorpion being friendly with others is a great improvement on him. I like how he has some form of friendship with Kenshi and master-student thing with Takeda.

I love the Takeda and Jacqui pairing, especially this dialogue:
Takeda: Let's not do this.
Jacqui: Don't wanna wrestle me to the ground?
Takeda: Okay, let's do this.

The bromance between Sub-zero and Smoke.
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RE: Mortal Kombat Relationships
03/03/2016 10:48 AM EST
Has everybody's bios n endings from each game, if you want to catch up on series lore. Just click on a game, then a character, scroll around. There's also images of sprites, moves, n props if you're into fan animations & sprite komics.

Some people think Frost is Noob Saibot & Sareena's daughter.
She'd be Sub-Zero's neice.
Noob Saibot was MK1 Sub-Zero, Bi Han, (twin?) brother of Kuai Lang, Sub-Zero since MKII.

Kung Lao & Liu Kang are both Shaolin warriors, n members of the White Lotus Society. It's ambiguous if they are actually cousins.

Quan Chi is a Netherrealm demon who helps/serves/uses Shinnok for unknown reasons. Shinnok was tortured by Lucifer in Netherrealm, before Quan Chi helped him defeat Lucifer n claim Netherrealm as his own.

Some media (MK Annahillation/MKvsDC) claim Shao Kahn & Raiden are brothers, n Shinnok is their father.

Mileena is a clone of Kitana mixed with Tarkatan(Baraka's "race") DNA

Unless you meant sexual/love relationships, shipping.
Love Jaqui x Takeda. refreshing new relationship in addition to Johnny x Sonya or the hinted Kitana x Liu Kang.

MK Annihillation had Jax comment that Jade
"Has an incredible set of legs... for kicking I mean...",
but he's now married to some woman named Vera, so that's no longer an idea.

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