mortal kombat versus street fighter 4?
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mortal kombat versus street fighter 4?
11/28/2007 11:28 PM EST
to those who dont know that sf vs mk is, it is a flash animation of sprites made by the legend, Proxicide. His latest installment of the series was Sf vs Mk 3, with Shin Akuma lvl 2 versus Proxicide's creation, Chameleon. it was his third and final of the series.

but to me, sf vs mk will not die! so long as i live!

i plan to create a sequel of my own that will NOT be canon unless Proxicide says so, and even then, this project cannot become so unless there is help out there.

im planning to rip smoke's sprites (both human and cyber speciffically for a reason) from Mortal Kombat Warehouse, but is there an easier way to saving them all, instead of right clicking and save image as? its a pain-saking chore and i dont wanna do all of it

and im planning to use GIMP image editor with light effects with Photoshop...and audacity to detail effects from the game, and Zweifuss's street fighter 3 sprites...

which brings me to another question...where are good Evil Ryu sprite sheets?

if u guys wanna help, fine by me, just pm me and we can work things out.

"Bad stuff happen and things go wrong, but just remember; life goes on."
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