Political Kombat, how to remake?
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Political Kombat, how to remake?
05/13/2014 04:56 AM EST
Let's suppose i would like to make something like this:


Do you have any kind of advice? Programs? Editors?

Thanks for the help. ;)

Nader , from Italy.
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RE: Political Kombat, how to remake?
05/16/2014 09:03 PM EST
The program they might have used is Flash. They took pictures of themselves then placed the politicians heads on their bodies.

Watch this for more details.

Flash is a great program. People use it for a dozen kind of different animations.
Akuma vs Chameleon
Sticks Demacia vs Noxus
Left 4 Speed
Different styles, same program

However, this is the only program I know to do this. Their might be others.
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