Possible Final boss of mkx
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Possible Final boss of mkx
03/08/2015 04:22 PM EST
After reading the comics and looking into the mk lore (mostly mk deception) I'm starting to believe HAVIK may be the final boss of mkx!

1. Raiden says he's been enlightened by the komidogu daggers and the "demon" is coming to earthrealm to set it free. But these daggers are causing their victims to go chaotic.
2. Forrest Fox carves up his face after being influenced by the daggers, similar to haviks.
3. Forrest Fox also wanted scorpion to go back to his chaotic state as a Spector and lose control.
4. Looking more into chaosrealm and their beliefs, chaos is the ultimate form of freedom.

I feel if the blood code demon is anyone we may know, havik is the best bet.
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RE: Possible Final boss of mkx
03/08/2015 05:28 PM EST
Hey there, there's already a discussion on the possible final boss of MKX going on in this thread (in the Mortal Kombat X Fourm sub-section). Check that out and share your thoughts there.

Cheers! smile

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