Raydens real form
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Raydens real form
11/03/2014 10:37 PM EST
Recently, I looked at some of the biographies for characters from past MK games. I found the one for Rayden's biography from Mortal Kombat (1992) and saw something in common with his ending for Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Both of them say he takes the form of a human to compete. If his designs in the MK games are what he looks like as a human, what would he actually look like in his real form?

Would he just be an entity composed of thunder and lightning? Or would he resemble more like his Elder God outfit from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance?

Even in MK X, none of his variations are named Elder God so we can assume he doesn't become one in the new timeline especially after doing the Butterfly Effect with his amulet and future "About to be crushed with a hammer" Dark Rayden saying three words.
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RE: Raydens real form
11/04/2014 11:43 PM EST
Yeah, he's either made of his element, or pure divine energy, like when he teleports, or when he gathers up his essence and releases it to make himself explode in MKD.
For the record, Raiden wasn't an Elder God in MKDA, he'd stepped down and become a regular Thunder God again, so his costume might have been fancier than normal, but he was still his regular self in a mortal form again.
We know that the Elder Gods' true forms look like the dragon in the MK logo, made out of glowing cosmic energy.
When you see them looking like giant see-thru blue humans, that's them taking on a form that allows them to communicate with lesser beings, similar to Raiden taking on a mortal form.
Granted that Shinnok, who was an Elder God, is also doing the same "took on a mortal body" situation whenever we see him. But he deliberately put all his Elder God powers inside his amulet, so without it, he's probably actually weaker than a lesser god like Raiden or Fujin. And he's stuck in that body now because he was demoted and banished to Hell.
Back to the subject of true forms, whether or not lesser gods also have the dragon shape, I dunno but I'd doubt it. He's probably just pure electricity or glowing white light, like I said.
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