Whats the community think of one button finishers?
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Whats the community think of one button finishers?
04/10/2015 05:30 PM EST
I am not sure which old MK game it was, but one of the earlier ones had a cheat code you could activate that would allow for one button fatalities and other such finishers. I personally loved this feature since sometimes you ran out of time and couldn't finish them in the cool style everyone loves... or nothing is worse than thinking you do the combo right and you just end up punching them and knocking them down because you did the combo wrong. SO, what do people think of the one button finishers? I am not saying that is how it should always be done, but it is nice as an unlock or a cheat so you have the option to do it....

And please, this is just a talk, please spare me the noob comments or get good... I can pull off the combos... but sometimes its nice just to push A and get to see the finisher... or all of them mapped to a different button. I don't know enough about all the MK games to know if this feature was in all of them, but I know it was in one or two... and will it be in MK10? anyone know?
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