Why are these popular characters so underused?
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Why are these popular characters so underused?
04/04/2015 08:22 AM EST
Maybe Jade, Sindel and Nightwolf (don't know how popular they are next to the former three)

Despite their popularity, the top three haven't made many appearances in non-compilation games. Why is that?

I'm not bringing up Post-MK3 characters because people don't fail to notice how underused they are. But these three are all from the Trilogy era, which, according to fans anyway, should give them free tickets to return in another game, as playable characters.

Kabal is MK's Flash equivalent, had two fatalities in MK3 suitable for a T-rating, and again is popular, but he didn't make the cut for MK vs DC Universe (no MK3 characters did). Why does NRS seem so determined not to use him?

MK3 vs Post-MK3 my ass, it's really MK2 vs Post-MK2.
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RE: Why are these popular characters so underused?
04/07/2015 09:46 PM EST
To be honest I have no idea, I personally love Smoke, Jade & Kabal, they are huge fan favorites but they don't appear much. I might have an idea the more I think of it:

Smoke: I think he was honestly forgotten about by Midway/NetherRealm after Trilogy, which makes no sense because he was most people's favorite cyber ninja hell even maybe favorite character in the game. When they brought him back in Deception, he felt like an add on. MK9 was the first game it felt like he mattered somewhat. Who knows maybe NetherRealm secretly doesn't like Smoke.

Jade: I think with Jade, she will always be seen as Kitana's bodyguard/best friend. She could never step out of Kitana's & even Sindel's shadow. With Kitana resurrected they left Jade dead hopefully they don't forget her like they did with Smoke.

Kabal: I think they just didn't know what to do with him after Trilogy, all they did was him being attacked by Mavado and being brought back to evil by Havik bringing back the Black Dragon Clan. With him being dead still, they once again don't know what to do with him.

Rain: Rain has never really had a chance in the three games he's been in. All they have done is just make him a walking Prince reference & a traitor yawn. I personally think NetherRealm doesn't care about Rain which is a shame he has a lot of potential.

Sindel/Nightwolf: No clue, probably just forgotten about.

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