Any stick players? Button layout discussion.
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Any stick players? Button layout discussion.
05/11/2011 06:27 AM EDT
Ok, so I have two good old Hori EX2 fight sticks and was wondering if anyone else uses these or a stick with a similair button layout, and how you have assigned the buttons?

What I did was make:

Red=front punch(or weak punch as I think of it)
Blue=back punch
Green=front kick
LT=back kick

Doing X-rays take some getting used to (Green,LT & Yellow together)
Throws= Red & Green

Any suggestons on a different setup? Maybe an easier way that I missed. I don't use the stance-change so that is out of the way at LB. Only real pain is Ex moves coz I have to use my pinkie on Yellow plus the other button.

PS: Whould have liked to post picture of the controller so this makes more sense but I have no idea how.
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RE: Any stick players? Button layout discussion.
05/11/2011 01:17 PM EDT
Hey man, I actually JUST posted this in a different thread....

I currently have my buttons set up as much like the old layout during UMK3 days as possible. I have a hori wireless stick and have the following layout. Hopefully this shows up correctly....

1 FL 2 TAG
3 BL 4 THROW (I don't even use this anyway, I just use 1+3 to throw)
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