Evo 2014 Injustice results to Top 8
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Evo 2014 Injustice results to Top 8
07/11/2014 11:35 PM EDT
Not sure how many followed the events surrounding Injustice Pools - Top 8 today but similar to MLG Anaheim a week ago, it was fraught with problems. It all stemmed from unpatched / unhotfixed consoles conflicting with dedicated stream time so only a handful of matches actually were viewable on stream.

Consequently, it was difficult to keep track of brackets and results but Crimson Shadow via TYM has a solid write up on it:


So for those of you who have understandably had trouble keeping up with today's action due to the huge amount of tournament-related side talk, here's a concise 1-page summary of what's happened so far today:

ForeverKing steamrolled out of his pool, beating DMS in Winners Finals of the pool. DMS succumbed in losers' finals to Arizona's BadLarry, but congrats to him for making it that far.

HoneyBee also rolled through his pool, taking out M2Dave along the way, until Nubcakes stopped him in Winners' Finals. In losers, Witness eliminated M2Dave and then HoneyBee took out Witness.

Max cleared his pool, and Kitana Prime valiantly fought through Losers to make it out.

Denzell knocked Ducky down in Winners' Finals of his pool, but Ducky escaped alive in Losers.

Perfect Legend also rolled out of his pool -- but no word about what happened in Losers.

Jupiter and Red Reaper moved on in Winners and Losers respectively.

Dab stopped Filipinoman from cruising out of his pool, and Filipinoman defeated Sonic Fox's brother in Losers to survive.

Pig of the Hut made it out of his pool unscathed, and Mr. SoloLobo defeated Dizzy in Losers' Finals to advance.

16 Bit defeated Steeeeve (Sajam) in a great match, and then beat JDM in Winners' Finals of the pool. JDM beat Steve in Losers' finals to advance.

Biohazard took King Hippo out in a close one, and then Gross knocked Hippo out in Losers' to advance.

Theo exited his pool in Winners, sending CD Jr. to Losers where he made it out alive.

Insaynne defeated SaltFace and moved on in Winners, and Speed Force took SaltFace out in Losers to advance.

Noobe and Relaxedstate made it out in Winners/Losers respectively.

Slayer dominated his pool, knocking Khaotic Armor, Rev0lver and Whiteboi into losers. Armor took Rev0lver and Whiteboi out in order to move on in Losers.

Our hero @Cossner valiantly fought his way through his pool until meeting a setback at the hands of Sonic Fox. Megabytes defeated Forever King Jr. to send him to Losers. Sonic then knocked Megabytes into losers, where King Jr. took both Cossner and Megabyes out of the tournament to advance.

Deg made it out of his pool in Winners, miraculously defeating SonicBoomBrad in Winners' Finals. CitizenSnips sniped Brad out of Losers (after arresting RunwayMafia) to advance.

MIT won his pool, beating Tyrant who made it out in Losers.

In a crazy game of musical chairs, SatsuiYesHadou defeated WoundCowboy, but lost to Digit who exited in Winners. Cowboy survived and ran it back against Satsui in losers to make it out. Blackula was caught in the crossfire.

In semis:

Dab beat Jupiter, sending him to losers, and then Pig of the Hut beat Dab. Sonic Fox beat Deg, and then Filipinoman eliminated Deg. Theo lost to Noobe after beating Insaynne. Theo eliminated Jupiter in Losers.

PimPimJim beat Slayer and then Noobe to advance to Top 8. ForeverKing sent Max to losers, Denzell sent Perfect Legend to Losers, and then Denzell beat ForeverKing to advance to Top 8. Pig of the Hut defeated Biohazard to make it into Top 8.

Perfect Legend eliminated Gross, 16 Bit eliminated Dab, MIT eliminated Nubcakes and Chris G.

Noobe eliminated PerfectLegend to make Top 8. MIT eliminated Biohazard to make Top 8. 16 Bit eliminated Digit to make top 8. Theo eliminated ForeverKing. "

Here's a group shot of Top 8:

INJUSTICE top 8 all together! MIA: @SonicFox5000 pic.twitter.com/zKYjyb0uU5

— Ed Boon (@noobde) July 12, 2014
And a general group shot with Ed Boon and Paulo Stevens showing their support (back row to the right). Multiple people are doing "the gross" hand lick made popular in pop-offs when defeating Perfect Legend.

OOOOOOHHHH-AHHHHHH! pic.twitter.com/lZXuu467tL

— Cal-El (@DevilMaySpy) July 12, 2014
Top 8 Details for Saturday 7/12/2014 -

#Evo2014 Injustice finals are at noon PST on http://t.co/VPhGbyzTFY. Plus a #mkx character reveal.

— NetherRealm Studios (@NetherRealm) July 12, 2014
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RE: Evo 2014 Injustice results to Top 8
07/12/2014 09:27 AM EDT
LOL @ all the people doing the hand link move. Very cool pics!

Evo brackets can be found here (Injustice C21 bracket is the semi-final/final one).

So the Top 8:

DJT (winners) -> 2013 runner-up
Pig of the Hut (winners)
Pimpimjim (winners)
SonicFox (winners)
16-bit (losers)
Noobe (losers)
MIT (losers)
Emperor Theo (losers) ->2013 5th place

Shame those matches leading to Top8 weren't streamed. DJT beating Perfect Legend and ForeverKing back to back, to make it into Top 8 winners is amazing.
PL vs Gross in the losers bracket must have been a fun match, their matches are always hype. Theo beating WoundCowboy and Forever King in the losers bracket to get into Top 8!

There seems to be a nice character variety in the Top 8.
I haven't watched much Injustice, but I've seen how scary SonicFox's Batgirl can be, so he could win it. On the other side, it's his first Evo Top8 and he's very young, so will he keep the nerves in check?
If DJT wins it, will he be considered the greatest MK/Injustice player? :O

Cheering for 16bit, of course. :p

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