Favorite character and strategy in Armageddon
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Favorite character and strategy in Armageddon
02/02/2008 12:45 PM EST

Tell us your favorite character to play with and what’s the overall fight strategy you like to us wile using that character.

Here’s mine

-I like to use a block and heavy combo strategy. I keep my distance until my opponent starts a combo as an attempt to cover ground. Then I Block the strikes waiting for the slight pause in the fighter after the combo then deliver a heavy pop up combination (such as the combination “burning soul” and then the combination “ending it now” wile they are in the air)
-I also like using a Circular fighting method. Strafing in a circular motion around my opponent’s Combinations to deliver a pop up combination.
-When my opponent stays laying down to avoid a potential projectile after my combination I unleash Scorpion’s Hell Fire
-Finally I like to use the Hell Fire Punch to respond to projectiles.
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RE: Favorite character and strategy in Armageddon
02/02/2008 07:46 PM EST
Mad. I've been waiting for a thread like this.

But shouldn't this be in the MK: Armageddon forum?


Character: Fujin, God of Wind.


1. As soon as the guy says "Round 1... Fight!" I like to use Fujin's "Air Funnel" move straight away, which sets the opponent up for 3 "Jolts of Pain". That gets rid of the opponent's health rather efficiently.

2. Whenever an opponent tries to perform a combo on me, I block until it's over, and quickly press "Throw". Since they are so close, this attack will work quickly and will take a portion of the opponent's health away.

3. I use the 'Gusting Cyclone" move, then immediately after the move, when the opponent is lying on the ground, I will use the "Air Funnel" move again.

3. I will use the "Tornado Wind" move, which will set the opponent up for three "Fast Hands" hits.

As you can probably tell, I am less into combos and crap, and more into special moves, otherwise knows as "cheap moves". These are fun because they (most of the time) are unique to the character.

So yeah, that's how I usually fight with the God of Wind.
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