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Game FAQs Move List
04/28/2011 11:25 PM EDT
Hi, all,

I've finally completed the first version of the Mortal Kombat strategy guide, and it is available on GameFAQs:

Click Here

Currently it has the following:

Characters Move Lists

Hit Types for Each Hit (High, Low, Mid)


Properties such as Pop-Up, Knockdown, etc

All Fatalities, Stage Fatalities, etc. tested

Full Krypt Guide with individual sections for Alternate Costumes, Kombat Kodes, and Fatalities--Koin amount, and reward type for easy browsing.

I've put the fatalities in each characters move lists, but also made a fatality only section for quick lookups whenever you don't want to practice moves.

I have a lot more information that I am working on, which will be updated soon. If any of you have any in-depth strategies to share, please let me know. Also, any solid combos (mid-screen, no meter only please), that would be very helpful. I'm hoping to have an update sometime next week with some in-depth strategies.

This is my first full GameFAQ from scratch, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. Hopefully it will be helpful in practice mode to build some combos =)

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