MK tournament at walmart last night
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MK tournament at walmart last night
04/19/2011 06:44 PM EDT
my local walmart (which is right next to gamestop) had a suprise mk tournament last night. i started the night off at gamestop. the ppl that work there are really rude so i left. went in walmart around 915 since my fiance got off at 930. she said they was having a mk contest of some kind. when i got back there, ppl were lined up playing the game.

it started at 930 and went to midnight. went 35-0 with 2 rounds lost

this is me playing as scorpion playing against some other dude as mileena. the final fight of the night.

some of the stuff i won. mk9 promo cube (store display). 2 kitana and millena promo move cards, mk9 for ps3. also got 2 posters but theyre not in the pic.

got more pics and a lot of video. might upload em all later.
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RE: MK tournament at walmart last night
04/19/2011 06:46 PM EDT
You wear a backwards baseball cap? I thought you were cool.

I kid. Nice win.
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