Multi-tiered stages and Konquest Mode Discussion
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Multi-tiered stages and Konquest Mode Discussion
03/09/2014 01:51 PM EDT
I'm not big on gameplay but I have been hearing a lot of people wanting Konquest Mode in MKX. IIRC there are two Konquest Mode, one from Deception and other from DA. This mode would be like a story adventure mode. Maybe it could be like an MMO, with main mission to do with story and side-missions involving characters. I haven't played Konquest mode, so I don't really have an opinion on it.

Another thing is multi-tiered stages. Do u think this is the way forward? Knocking down your opponent into a different floor of the stage, or do u prefer if there was only one stage and the characters dissapear and reappear into a whole other stage? If it's done this way, it would mean they concentrate on only one layer of stage which gives them more time to work on other stages, rather than working on multi-tier stages of a particular stage or do u rather there be a stage for every character with their own theme to it,
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