Must Watch - PowerUP 2011
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Must Watch - PowerUP 2011
04/29/2011 10:50 AM EDT
Alright guys, there should be a pretty nice MK tournament tomorrow. Actually the tournament itself should be pretty big so I'm not sure if they will cover all games on the lets hope that MK gets coverage. Full details here


Team Illinois vs Team Michigan to determine the best SSFIV scene in the Midwest! Special challenger: Team Ohio

T6 5v5
Team Ohio vs Team Michigan will be laying down some cash to back up their skills!

MK9 5v5 Round Robin
5 teams of 5-players each battle it out to determine the first champions of MK9! More Details

In depth MK tournament details here


Team Ohio

- Derrick Legend (Cincy)
- McLovin (Cincy)
- Alex (Columbus)
- Kris Tha Hornett (Cincy)
- Playing To Win (Cleveland)

Team All-Stars

- Tom Brady
- Justin Wong
- Floe
- Arturo Sanchez
- Mike Ross


- REO (NY)
- KrayzieBone (CA)
- Dan**** (NY)
- Tim Static (OH)

Team PowerUp

*Made up of players chosen at PowerUp, based on their performance in the singles MK9 event

Team Wildcard

-DigimonEmperor (WI)
-Humbag (IL)
-HeroicLegacy (IL)
-Arkayne (OH)
-The Real KT (OH)


- MarkMan
- Haunts
- PR Rog
- Perfect Legend
- NerdJosh

We've got some big names up there ..and I mean big! Should be a good watch.

Friday, April 29

Doors Open @ 2pm

TvC Singles – 4pm
KOF98:UM Singles – 4pm
MBAA Singles – 4pm

MvC3 3v3 – 6pm
GGAC 3v3 – 6pm
KOF2k2:UM Singles – 6pm

VS Singles – 7pm
3S 2v2 – 7pm

MvC2 Singles – 8pm

Saturday, April 30

Doors Open @ 9am

SSFIV Singles – 11am
MvC3 Singles – 11am
T6 Singles – 11am
MK9 Singles – 11am

PowerUp Mystery Tournament – 1pm
AH3 Singles – 1pm

UMK3 Singles – 2pm

ST Singles – 3pm

Sunday, May 1

Doors Open @ 9am

Finals for Mystery Tournament/SSFIV/MvC3/T6/MK9 – 11am

BB:CS Singles – 12pm

GGAC Singles – 12:30pm
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RE: Must Watch - PowerUP 2011
04/29/2011 10:51 AM EDT
Lets show some support and raise the view count when MK's 5vs5 is streamed.

id appreciate it if people bump this up for me when I am unable to so everyone will have a chance to watch it.
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RE: Must Watch - PowerUP 2011
04/29/2011 11:07 AM EDT
Sick been waiting to see some pros play this for a while im pumped!
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RE: Must Watch - PowerUP 2011
04/29/2011 11:18 AM EDT
April 30@11am is when MK singles start
May 1@11am is when the 5vs5 team matches start.

Lets hope for stream coverage.
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