Official MK2011 Sub-Zero Strategy & Combo Superthread!
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Official MK2011 Sub-Zero Strategy & Combo Superthread!
05/10/2012 05:32 PM EDT

He is the Lin Kuei master of the kori arts -- an ice cold assassin who took up the mantle of his dead brother! Formerly Tundra, the man we now know as Kuai Liang is the one and only Sub-Zero! One of the most iconic characters to come from the series, his stock is as hot as his moves are icey!

Across the MKFGC, a cold war is heating up between the various players who claim total mastery over Sub-Zero! Time to play it cool and freeze frame the best tips and tricks you've got! Discuss all the latest strategies, combos and counters in this thread!

Basic Attacks
Swipe - Away + 1
Uppercut - Down + 2
Force Claws - Away + 2 [Hold] [Dash to Cancel]
Big Leg - Toward + 4
Sweep - Away + 4

Chain Combos
Frosty - 1, 1
Cold Feet - 1, 3, Toward + 4
Arctic Blast - 1, 3, Away + 4
Ice Pick - Away + 1, 2, 1
Ice Cold - Away + 1, 2, 4
Frost Bitten - 2, 1, 2
Ices Up - 2, 1, 4
Tundra Slice - Toward + 4, 1 + 2
Winter Blade - 2, 2, 2
Cold Steel - 2, 2, 4
Chill Out - 3, Toward + 4

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Absolute Zero - 2, 1, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Freezer Burn - 1, 3, Tag
Arctic Assault - Away + 1, 2, Tag
Ability to Freeze - 2, 2, Tag

Special Moves
Iceball - Down, Toward, 3
Slide - Away, Toward, 4
Ice Clone - Down, Away, 1
Ice Puddle - Down, Away, 3

Finishing Moves
Have an Ice Day - Away, Toward, Down, Toward, 4 [Sweep]
Spinal Smash - Down, Away, Down, Toward, 2 [Sweep]
Spine Rip - Toward, Down, Toward, 2 [Close] [DLC]
Stage Fatality - Toward, Down, Away, 2 [Varied]
Babality - Down, Away, Down, 4 [Jump]

Key: [1 = FP] :: [2 = BP] :: [3 = FK] :: [4 = BK]

Threads for all the other characters will be available soon.
Please do not create new threads for other characters. Official superthreads will be easily accessed via the sticky menu, ready when you want them!

This is but a thin icey crust frozen over the surface of strategy. The depths of go far deeper! Before you get your skates on, offer up what rock solid tactics you've got, so the MKOmmunity can carve up the opposition! Freezing vibrations!

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RE: Official Sub-Zero Strategy & Combo Superthread!
05/10/2012 09:36 PM EDT

Sub-Zero is considered Mid-Low tier in this game. IMO he's very underrated and he has one of the best tools in the game. The ice clone.

Usually the most common Sub-Zero tries to zone you out, throw ice balls, and keep distance with the clone. The clone is a game changer, and without it IMO Sub would be bottom tier.

His relatively worst matchups are characters that can zone. Kung Lao is also considered his worst matchup because of insta tele 3.

He also has a great d4. D4 can be used to keep out the opponent and play footsies.

His x-ray is ENTIRELY safe on block, you can dash cancel it, and it has great damage output.

JIP, 214 X-Ray = 50%

Pretty much you just have to play footsies and watch your opponent.

Also a great tool is his 22 anti-air.

22 AA iceball, b1 whiff 2, 212 slide = 23%.

Sub has a okay pressure system. He can pressure you with 21 but after that your gonna have to check them with a d3 or d4. They can counter poke you if you try to poke them out of 21.

If you catch someone with a ice ball you can do JIP b121, pressure to 212 ice clone. It's completely safe and you HAVE to respect it or your gonna get blown up for full combo.

Sub's corner game is also really good. You have to respect everything or your not getting out of the corner anytime soon. Sub usually ends his combos in 222 in the corner and you can either step back, clone, or do a insta-air clone and pressure them. B121 is also good and as a followup do 212 clone. His corner game is amazing and you just have to keep them in.

Some good corner juggles without meter are so:

JIP, 214 ice ball, 4, 224 slide = 41%

JIP, 224 ice ball, 4, 214 slide = 40%

Either are really good. You can risk not doing the slide, step back, and clone to continue pressuring them in the corner. You can also risk doing the slide for extra damage and bait the wakeup and punish for full combo.

You can use b2 as an honest gimmick. For example,

B12 freeze, B2 freeze, b12 212 slide = 30-32%.

After a couple of times they can bait it and poke out of it, jump out of it, and even the first time if they see it coming can easily get out of it.

His blockstrings are great and you should definitely use them if you wanna play Sub.

As honest as I can be, you should never use ice puddle. It is his worst move and used as a gimmick also. It used to be included in a reset before it was patched.

This is just some strategy for Sub, he's a really fun character to play and is underrated imo.

Currently, Tom Brady is the best Sub-Zero in the world. smile
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RE: Official Sub-Zero Strategy & Combo Superthread!
06/16/2014 10:04 PM EDT
I'm the 12th best SZ player in the world...
"I'm the 12th best Sub-Zero player in the world."
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