Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
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Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
07/04/2012 08:42 AM EST

Celebrating twenty years of Mortal Kombat, we've been eliminating the fighting ranks in search of our first Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!
Making it to the Round of Sixteen (Round 3), Quan Chi represents one of the most appreciated characters to be introduced at the end of the "klassic" era!

A potent necromancer whose devious plans pull the strings of some of the most iconic fighters in the series, Quan Chi is always a scheming force to be reckoned with! It's time to take control as you discuss the best strategies, combos & counters for Quan Chi!

Basic Attacks
Back Hand - Away + 1
Overhead Swipe - Toward + 1
Uppercut - Down + 2
Side Chop - Away + 2
Low Hop Kick - Up + 3
Shin Kick - Away + 3
Hop Kick - Toward + 4
Sweep - Away + 4

Chain Combos
Afterlife - 1, 1, 2
Under Torment - 1, 1, 3
Conjurer's Crush - Away + 1, 1
Corruption - Toward + 1, 2, 1 + 2
Spellbinder - 2, 1, 2
Root of Evil - 2, 1, 4
Enchantment - 2, 1, Up + 3
Wounded Wrath - Away + 2, 1
Incantation - Away + 2, 4
Deterioration - Away + 3, 3
Annihilation - Away + 3, 1 + 2

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Sinister - Away + 2, 1, Tag
Die-Abolical - Away + 3, 1 + 2, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Alternative Means - 1, 1, Tag
Kruel Intentions - Toward + 1, 2, Tag
Necro-Mashy - 2, 1, Tag

Special Moves
Skeletal Boost - Down, Away, 4
Ground Burst [Close] - Down, Away, 1
Ground Burst [Medium] - Down, Toward, 1
Ground Burst [Far] - Down, Away, Toward, 1
Skull Ball - Down, Away, 2
Sky Drop - Down, Away, 3 [+Aerial]
Trance - Away, Toward, 3

Finishing Moves
Beat Down - Toward, Toward, Down, Down, 1 [Sweep]
On Your Knees - Down, Toward, Down, Toward, 4 [Sweep]
Stage Fatality - Away, Toward, Down, 2 [Varied]
Babality - Toward, Down, Away, 2 [Jump]

Key: [1 = FP] :: [2 = BP] :: [3 = FK] :: [4 = BK]

Threads for all the other characters will be available soon.
Please do not create new threads for other characters. Official superthreads will be easily accessed via the sticky menu!

These are just the beginning stages. We need you to organize the grand plan with your best tips, tricks and strategies.

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Help pick a Mortal Kombat 11 champion in daily polls and review the latest versions of characters on the forum!
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RE: Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
07/04/2012 04:31 PM EST
I lost my zing with Quan Chi a while ago, but I might have some gameplay information in my MK memory banks.

---Enhanced Specials
-Skeletal Buff
This move is as horridly unsafe as the normal version, but it grants both increased damage and health regeneration.

-Ground Blast
Unblockable, covers the whole screen vertically with extra damage.

-Skull Chomp
On hit, opponent is left in a long stagger-state and Quan can move in or do a Skeletal Boost during the stagger-state.

-Sky Stomp
Now the EN version I like to call the "Woolay Stomp" 'cause of what Quan tends to say when he does this and the Sky Drop, but it's named the "Sky Stomp".
It is unsafe on block like the normal version, but it has Armor and gives more damage.

This move has the unique property (shared with Cyrax and Rain) of draining your opponent's Super Meter. A smart Quan player can use this to prevent the opponent gaining a Breaker.


---Sky Drop Info
Ending your combos with 1,1xxSky Drop will leave Quan at some frame advantage. Use this to continue some pressure or mind-tricks with your opponent.
Sky Drop's landing point can be manipulated by holding Left or Right while Quan is doing the animation. You can land behind or in front of your opponent.

---Rune Traps
Ground Blast (EN Ground Burst) is unblockable. The most known Rune Trap with Quan Chi is 2,1,2~Ground Blast and repeat. Does a lot of damage and is best used when the 2,1,2 is blocked.

B+3,1+2. Low and an overhead.
F+1,2,1+2. The second hit is a tricky one, it looks like a high but it's acutally a low-hitting attack. Third hit is an overhead if I remember correctly.
U+3. Overhead attack. Can be linked into Trance or Med-Ground Burst.

---Some combos
B+3,1+2 dash 2,1,2.

This may not be a good guide, but like I said in the first sentence of my post, I dropped the Woolay-Man, Quan Chi, a while ago. This is what I can remember.
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RE: Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
07/05/2012 03:59 AM EST
Quan chi has some awesome setups.

The Rune trap:

212 en portal, 212 en portal, 212 en portal

It is a block string, the en portal however is unblockable. Pretty much all there is to know for it. Incase they try to jump out you can 212 trance, and it will catch them every time. It is inescapable unless you have meter for a breaker.

Setups: B3 1+2, 212 trance, jip 11 skydrop, 212 en portal, 212 en portal.

Does great damage and is a mixup because B3 hits low.

JIP B21, B21, 212 trance, JIP 11 skydrop, 212 en portal.

Good for damage.

Really all I know about Quan Chi, I've only practiced with him a short time. You can also get some good setups with his Skeletal boost.

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RE: Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
08/13/2012 03:07 AM EST
There's a particular combo set I like to use with Quan Chi.

In the set, the following combo acts as a base: 1, 1, 2, Trance

The combo set is as follows:

Quan Chi Single
1.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... 1, 1, 2, Sky Drop (Enhanced)
2.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... 1, 1, 2, Ground Burst Close
3.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... 2, 1, 2, Skull Ball (Enhanced)
4.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... 1, 1, 2, X-RAY

Quan Chi Tag Team
1.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Smoke) 2, 1, Smoke Cloud... Air Throw
2.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Smoke) Teleport (Enhanced)
3.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Ermac) Tele-Lift, Tele-Push
4.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Nightwolf) 1, 2, 2, Shoulder Rush (Enhanced)
5.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Mileena) 3, 4, Leaping Neckbite
6.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Sindel) 1, 1, 1, Yell... (Quan Chi) 1, 1, 2, Sky Drop
7.) 1, 1, 2, Trance... (Sindel) 1, 1, 1, Hair Toss (Enhanced)

I hope it can work for you guys.

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RE: Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
08/25/2012 02:22 PM EST
Quan Chi is a very meter dependent character--Quan without meter has a tough time against most of the cast. With meter, Quan becomes extremely dangerous becuase of Rune Trap.

What is Rune Trap? It is basically forcing your opponent to block a string and cancelling it into an ES Ground Burst, which is unblockable. When the ES Ground Burst hits a grounded opponent, it grants Quan Chi extreme frame advantage, which allows him to repeat the same block string into the ES Ground Burst. This of course ends once Quan has used all of his meter, so three cycles is the most you can get.

Rune Trap is damaging, however, it does something else--it conditions your opponent to block certain ways. You can use this to your advantage, by mixing them up with a mid move (U+3), or a low starter (B+3). Both of these lead to full combos, but it should be noted that U+3 is not safe on block. B+3,1+2 is safe on block, however, there is quite a bit of frames between the two hits, so characters with extremely quick start up moves (Reptile's Elbow Dash comes to mind), can interupt the string if the B+3 is blocked.

Playing Quan is all about building meter and forcing your opponent into mixups and Rune Traps. When possible, Quan should attempt to trade trance with opponent's projectiles at mid screen. Up close trance is EXTREMELY unsafe and will be full combo punished. From mid screen, trance is safer, however certain matchups make midscreen trances unsafe. Examples would be Smoke, Rain, Kabal--all of these characters can punish a blocked trance from midscreen.

Below are some good strings that build meter and are safe:


Quan Chi overall is a slow character, so his up-close pressure isn't great, but use of 1,1 and D+3, which are his fastest moves can turn up the heat. One of Quan's best moves is the highly underated uppercut, which for him is only 7 frames. This is a great tool to break out of constant pressure in certain matchups. D+3 is a much safer option, but honestly, opponents will learn to respect Quan's uppercut once you interrupt them a few times.

Damage and Combos:

Again, Rune Trap is Quan's most dangerous tool. You can set up a guaranteed Rune Trap anytime you land trance--simply JIP, 1,1 xx Skydrop. The Skydrop gives you enough frame advantage to safely follow up with 2,1,2 xx ES Close Ground Burst. If you have additional meter, simply dash and start 2,1,2 again.

Best air to air option:

While there are more damaging options, my personal air to air combo is the following as it is the most consistent for all situation IMO:

JP (in the air), dash, D+4 xx Trance, JIP, B+2,1,dash, 1,1,2 xx Far Ground Burst (22%)

Grounded Combos (No Meter) In order of damage, difficulty and different oppenings:

B+2,1 Trance JIP, B+2,1,dash,B+2,1,dash,B+1,1 xx Far Ground Burst (41%, 44% if started with JIP)

B+2,1, dash, B+2,1, dash, B+1,1 xx Trance JIP, B+1,1 xx Mid Ground Burst (39%, 42% if started with JIP)

B+3,1+2, dash, B+2,1, dash, B+1,1 xx Trance JIP, B+1,1 xx Mid Ground Burst (37%, 40% if started with JIP)

F+1,2,1+2 xx Trance JIP Crossup, B+2,1, dash, B+2,1, dash, 1,1,2 xx Far Ground Burst (38%, 41% if started with JIP)

U+3 xx Trance JIP Crossup, B+2,1, dash, B+2,1, dash, Uppercut (29%--again, U+3 on block is not safe and trance close up on block is not safe)

NOTES: There are plenty more combo variations--if you would like anymore, or something off a specific opening or situation, please let me know.

The dashes in Quan's combos are short, they should be interrupted by the next string in the set--allowing the full dash to come out will result in a dropped combo. Just keep trying different timings until the find the correct dash time.

If you have meter during any of the combos, you can opt to not finish the combo after trance, and instead transition into the Rune Trap, by JIP,1,1 xx Skydrop.

Playing Quan online can be a challenge as the Rune Trap is difficult to guarantee and his combos can be difficult to connect. For the combos, you can subsitute the ending for uppercuts, but you of course sacrifice some damage. The Rune Trap is a little more difficult to address--depending on the situation you can use it to your advantage by anticipating the jump out and punishing it with a string cancelled into trance to reset the combo. I usually use 1,1,2, or 2,1,2, but again this is highly situational.

There are other Quan Chi strategies, which if anyone would like more info, please let me know and I'd be happy to post them.

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RE: Official Quan Chi Strategy & Combo Superthread!
10/08/2013 08:15 AM EST
Quan Chi is a charcater that is only good if you have a significant amount of meter. If you don't your relying on

Skull Ball-Decent projectile attack with quick startup

Ground Burst-Blocked high but good for zoning.

Trance-Basically a better version of Scorpions spear

those are your tools to zone the opponent out with. While you may use this strategy first against some weaker characters to try and keep them away against characters with better special moves initially lets say you may have to rush them down.

(Kung Lao,Raiden(not impossible to zone out),Kabal,Cyrax,Kitana,Reptile,Johnny Cage(can be diffucult to zone out),Cyrax)

Sky Drop(not advised)- you can use this to try to land in different places to confuse the opponent,but very risky. You can use this in a effective way to punish projectile spammers.

Going into his rushdown game he has a lot of very important Strings.

B2 1 you can follow this up with another B2 1 after a very fast dash at proper range,but the timing is a bit tricky. Instead of another B 2 1 you can also follow up with trance, dash 2 1 2 trance, dash F 1,2 Trance, or dash 1 1 2 trance.

2 1 2 this is very important to remeber primarly because of the rune trap, however this is solid in the middle of a combo,because it will link into trance.

B3 1+2 a very important string for Quan,because it is a low hitting mixup first hit,and a medium on second hit. This means your opponent has to block this crouching first,then stand block it . If you try to jump in with 2 then use this it can be difficult to block because your dealing with a medium,low,medium hit. One of those hits could likely connect.

1,1,2 a solid,and very effective string for Quan to use. It works pretty quickly,and can be followed up with a trance if any,or all of the hits connect.
It is also safe on block.

F 1,2 a link in which the second hit hits low,but this link is somewhat slow,and can be reacted to, because of lack of speed. I will add though it can be good to catch your opponent by surprise every once in a while.

Now we will discuss his strategy followed by his combos.

When you begin the match you can start 1 of 2 ways.

1. You can go back,and start throwing skull balls(carefully as a spacing tool),and start using his ground burst to keep your opponent at bay. If you notice your opponent jumping overagressively you can use trance to anti air them,and then get a free combo afterwards.

2. You go immediate rushdown.

1 Do a dash in then use B3 1+2 immediatley to try to trick them. It is generally safe on block so don't worry if they block it correctly. Some of the time you can even use a 1 1 2 string after they block your B3 1,2 to try and catch them sleeping,as well as adding more pressure on to them. don't use it to much,because you will be punished and gotten read.

2 You can start off rushing down with F 1+2. This is a "ok" way to start off the match if you think you can catch them by surprise. Be very careful though,because your oppenent can see that coming. Do not overabuse this string.

now if you followed strategum 1(zoning) you will eventually find that you will be close to them probably because you used a trance Anti air,or combo at some point.

Part 2
(note if you followed the rushdown strategy this is basically a continuation of what I just talked about, with added extras)

when you get a combo off you will want to end that immediately with a sky drop for the first time,you can 1 1 2 after trance to get them away from you ,and create space,but early in the match its good to go for pressure.

Then you will want to mixup with more strings,and his RUNE TRAP.

I capitilized that for a reason. The rune trap is very important to Quan's Strategy

Rune Trap- Its a repetitive canceling of the EX Ground Burst into strings.When you get this move off your opponent is essentially "trapped",and can't jump away or really do much at all.

a setup of it may look like

2 1 Ex Ground 2 1 Ex Ground 2 1 Ex Ground

So basically this is what makes quan dangerous. Which is why I say you need meter to play with him. Now if you don't have 3 bars of meter,or feel you need to save your meter for a breaker it is ok. You can create a dangerous mixup with 1 bar of meter. Which is canceling into a B3,1+2 then comboing off into a trance.

Part 3 after Mind messing with your opponent,and you feel you have a big life lead you should go back to the far side of the screen ,and begin zoning them out. Which again is throwing skull balls(carefully. Don't SPAM THEM), using ground bursts,and trancing them when they jump. You can also use with proper timing a Jump 2 followed by F 1 2 trance. You have to hit the opponent at the near apex of their jump.

If you get teleport spammers, watch them carefully. Try,and get a read on them so you can punish them with a effective combo.

Now his comboes. - =Dash

Sky drop endings can be replaced by Skull ball,Close Ground Burst,or by adding a 2 then following up with medium ground burst after 1 1. Ex: 1 1 2 instead of 1 1

Mid Screen

Jump 2 B3 1+2 - 1 1 2,Trance, Jump 2, 1 1, Sky drop (your setup combo for rune. Also difficult to block.)

Jump 2, 1 1 2 , Trance , Jump 2 , 1 1 , Sky Drop (another easier setup combo for rune.)

Jump 2, B 2 1 - B 2 1- 1,1,2 Trance, Jump 2 ,1,1 , Sky Drop. (harder setup for trance.)

Jump 2 B 2 1 ,Trance, Jump 2, B 2 1, - ,1 1, X Ray( note 1,1 Xray is also switchable with a uppercut instead.)

Anti Air Combos

Anti Air Trance Jump 2, 1 1 2, Medium Ground Burst.

Jump 2(hitting opponent in air), F 2,1 , Trance ,Jump 2, 1,1 Sky Drop.(anti air setup)

B3, 1+2(diffucult,and strict to anti air),-, 1 1 2, Trance,Jump 2, 1,1 Sky drop.

Corner only

Jump 2, B 2 1 ,B 2 1, Trance(very hard to hit in corner), 1,1 Sky drop.

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