PXP AF0xyGrampa wins MKX at Combo Breaker 2016!
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PXP AF0xyGrampa wins MKX at Combo Breaker 2016!
05/29/2016 08:22 PM EST
An amazing top 8 capped off a great showing for MKX at Combo Breaker this year, with AF0xyGrampa and his unrelenting Piercing Mileena taking the win with him on his flight back across the pond.

Hayatei put on a pretty dominant performance throughout the tournament, but ultimately came up short. His Ronin Takeda is savage.

Red Raptor came in third. Another Takeda player that has slowly become one of the best players on the scene, period. An odd choice of Marksman Erron Black against Hayatei, would ultimately seal his fate.

Sonic Fox loses his first offline tournament in a long while. He would ultimately settle for fourth after being knocked out by Raptor's Shirai Ryu Takeda. He has been dominating nearly everything else though, with wins in the DOA, UNIEL, and Skullgirls tournaments respectively.

One of the biggest stories out of Combo Breaker this year was the return to form for Perfect Legend. After some stumbles here and there, he would ultimately dominate with Ninjitsu Scorpion. Sadly, he would come to doubt his Scorpion against Raptor's Takeda, though, as he ends the set by picking A-List Johnny Cage and is sent packing with fifth place. Looking at the bigger picture, PL has qualified for ESL season 3 finals with his showing this weekend.

Dragon would ultimately fall in a mirror match to Sonic's Acidic Alien and take 6th place. Despite his top tier leanings, Dragon continues to show patience and some incredibly clutch play.

Big D, the people's champion ties with Wound Cowboy for 7th, ultimately crushing both men's hopes of slipping in the backdoor of ESL finals. Cowboy's fate was sealed in much the same way as many other top players as he was defeated by Red Raptor. Big D and his Mystic Ermac put on a respectable showing against Sonic's Cassie Cage.

As I said, amazing tournament this year. Great matches, production, and commentary (shout outs Kitana Prime) pulled it all together for a truly great showing.

Did you watch? What was your favorite match? Clutch finish(a number of Hayatei's matches come to mind)? Feel free to sound off below.

You work with what you got...not what you hope for.

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