Solutions to Hardest MK Fights
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Solutions to Hardest MK Fights
07/06/2007 04:11 AM EDT
Shao Kahn (MK2. MK3. MKT)

Beating Shao Kahn as Noob Sabot. Hit him with the disabler and then do Noobs initialiser and hit shao kahn towards the corner of the stage. Then use the disabler and do the initilaiser twice. Then do the disabler and the initilaiser twice...repeat until he dies. he should not get out of that combo but if he does just keep disabling him and punching.

Beating Shao Kahn as Smoke or Sektor. This ones a bit risky but effective if it works, youll need luck. wait until you have the chance to teleport uppercut him the teleport uppercut him again straight away (for some reason you can do two consecutive teleport uppercuts on shao Kahn) Then (if your smoke) spear him and do your combo or (if your Sektor) hit him with some missiles.

Beating Shao Kahn as Human Smoke or Scorpion. Teleport punch and he will block it, then he will attempt to hit you. all his moves except his standard punch will miss and leave him open to a combo after the combo just repeat till he dies. If he taunts spear him.

beating Shao Kahn as anyone else. Back away from him slightly and crouch. Then wait till he does his rising knee (block or dodge all other attacks) he will fly above your head Then uppercut him. Repeat.

Noob Saibot (UMK3)

There are lots of methods to beat this guy, heres the one I used. Use some one with a powerful combo and keep jumping backwards as soon as the fight begins. as you are jumping he will walk towards you. after about three jumps he will come to be in comboing distance whilst walking towards you. Then do your biggest combo on him and start jumping back again and repeat. At leats once Noob will corner you and hit you but try to get out of it and start jumping backwards again.You willl eventually succeed

Motaro (MK3. UMK3. MKT)

This is what I do. Its not very tactical but it works. For best effect use sheeva. Just keep jumping at him and comboing him. Besides from shoot fireballs and teleport alot he can't do much if you keep jumping. always jump. never stop or he'll get grapple happy

Moloch (MKDA. MKA)

Again this is not very tactical but it works for me. Use the style of the oppertunist (being shang tsung or someone else with a long combo helps) Just keep dodging and blocking and when he leaves himself open do the longest combo possible. I find moloch to be the hardest MK Boss. Hes Grapple happy as hell so dont be too dependant on blocking.

Onaga (MKD. MKA)

Much like Moloch Onaga requires you to the longest combo possible when he leaves himself open. Onaga is easier to beat then moloch because you can use the kamidogu to bget a free combo on onaga. If you really want to destroy onaga use liu kang who can beat onaga easily. Beware of onaga backing you towards the outside of the stage or he may hit you into the deathtrap.

Kintaro (MKSM)

The best way to beat Kintaro is to jump around alot as his jump attacks and fireballs will probably miss you. The best way to beat him is to get close to him then as he attempts to hit you run behind him and do a small combo before he turns around and hits you. If you keep doing this you'll eventually whittle down his health and kill him. If you really want to be a coward just run away from him and shoot projectiles at him. this will eventually beat him. JThe goal here is to beat him and lose as little ammount of health possible. You'll need as much as possible to beat shao kahn.

Shao Kahn (MKSM)

The rule of this fight is to stay the hell away from Kahn because he'll hit you for loads of damage if you get near him. Just keep firing projectiles and running. Whenever he taunts or you get the chance grab kintaros head and throw it at him. It'll take a while but eventually a cut scene will play and his mask will fall off. He'll now spin around with his hammer alot but still you should not go near him just keep shooting away with the projectiles. When he comes near to you run. Throughout the fight don't jump if you can help it or he'll rising knee you in the face.

MKSM Survival mode-Tarkatans and Baraka

What I did here was take down the tarkatans first (they will eventually stop Respawning) by throwing them off the stage (If they hit baraka whilst you throw them so much the better) Then atttack baraka. Just beat him like you did before he's not hard.

MKSM Survival Mode-Inferno Scorpion and orochi hellbeasts.

The best thing to do here is to take on inferno scorpion before the hell beasts. They don't have good range so just stay away from them. If you do attack them inferno Scorpion will just combo you in the back anyway. Just fight him as you did before if you manage to grab him throw him at an orochi hellbeast. Then beat the orochi hellbeasts same as before. If at any time in the fight you throw inferno scorpion into the fire you have a brief oppertunity to fight the hellbeasts whilst he gets out.

MKSM Survival mode-Goro and Kintaro.

Take down Goro first as he has the most ranged attacks and charges. They are both pretty slow so avoiding ther4e attacks is the best way. If you want stay back and projectile them. When attacking goro Kintaro should'nt be a problem but keep an eye on him in case he is about to shoot you or do his stomp move. I am unable to verify this but I have heard that it is possible to use goo to kill Kintaro. Apparently is you get them facing each other and run inbetween them goro will attempt to do his "TEST YOUR MIGHT" grapple on you but miss and grab Kintaro instead, and Kintaro will get beaten up. I don't see this working as Goro and Kintaro are allied in the game but mabey Goros special grab has unusual properties?

MKSM Survival Mode-All the palette swap Ninjas.

The best way is to pick them off one at a time whilst avoiding the others attacks. Don't let them surround you or they'll reap you. Take them down in this order Reptile-Subzero-Ermac-Scorpion it'll probably take you a few goes but it can be done.

The reason I have done this is that I was bored. If you want to add to it do so.
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RE: Solutions to Hardest MK Fights
07/06/2007 05:38 AM EDT
Shao Kahn (MK3,UMK3,MKT)

Play as Cyrax, catch him in the net then uppercut him. Next, throw the net again, upercut again and repeat until you won.

Play as Rain, do the main orb control move, raise him until u can attack him with a standing high kick. Throw the blue mind orb control again and repeat to win.

Play as Kitana. Jump backward then throw the fans while being in air, Shao Kahn will send his fireball but you'll have enough time to get down.

Play as unmasked or classic Sub-Zero, freeze him, uppercut him and do the freeze move again but be very fast. Repeat for an easy victory.


Play as Scorpion or Kenshi and do constantly the circle, square,square, x combo.

Play as Reptile in Kirehashi stance and do the x,x combo followed by his roll attack. Repeat.

Play as Raiden and press R1 constantly.

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