The Anti-Spammer Help Thread
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The Anti-Spammer Help Thread
05/09/2011 01:00 PM EDT
Ive been seeing a lot of whining about this and thought this should be more organized. In this thread, we will post either requests for solutions or solutions to the requests of solutions against specific spamming attacks from various characters.

This is NOT a bitching thread. This is a community thread where everyone can contribute their experience and help those who pick up the online mode and quickly become discouraged beat the hell out of those skill-less spammers and make the online mode more enjoyable.

Please try to keep your anti-spam solution in a way every character can perform it.

Please do not post ambigous replies like "get better at the game to stop spammers"

Ill start.

Ive encountered a few Johnny Cage players who keep spamming his roundhouse (i think its that) kick over and over.

Easiest way is to block, move away and projectile him if possible.
Also, if possible, you should try teleporting out to get some distance, not to hit him because he'll likely be in the offensive still.
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RE: The Anti-Spammer Help Thread
05/09/2011 01:04 PM EDT
how to stop projetile spammers: block. just block. no complicated strategy. just BLOCK.

this goes for most spammers actually.
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