Universal Anti-Kahn strategy. Works on any difficulty with any character.
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Universal Anti-Kahn strategy. Works on any difficulty with any character.
05/10/2011 01:34 PM EDT
Tools you need:
-Enhanced Projectile
-Teleport or Rush down (cannon roll, Rhino Charge, Blade rush,ect)
-Standing Block
-Crouching Block
-2 hit combo: Jump+punch, Uppercut

Where to use tools:
Projectile: Each time you connect the 2hit combo Kahn goes to the ground, fire a meaty projectile at him. Throw one and only one, if you throw multiples he will hit you with his flying hammer. The purpose of this is to deal a little damage and built some meter.

Enhanced Projectile: Use in the same situation described above whenever you have meter.

Teleport/Rush: Anytime you go for the 2hit combo, but accidently jump over Kahn and land out of range to punish him.

Standing Block: Hold it pretty much constantly unless Kahn is spamming projectiles. Kahn rarely throws, he does it but very rarely.

Crouching Block: Use this whenever Kahn is spamming the Javelin.

Jump: When Kahn throws the flying hammer.

2hit combo: Whenever you successfully block something or jump over something, Jumping the flying hammer gives you the biggest opening. You will find where and when to do this after a few rounds.

Reccomended Distancing:
Just outside of Sweep Distance. Because this seems to set you up best for the 2hit combo. Whenever Kahn gets in throwing distance, jump over him. He will whiff anyting except the hammer toss, which is OK if it knocks you out of the air.

Other Notes:
The flying hammer projectile will stun you unless it knocks you out of the air. You cannot Block or duck this projectile. If Kahn hits you with it and puts you in stun. You have lost the match. His X-Ray is defended with any jump kick or punch, or by jumping backwards.

This Strategy does work with every single character however if you have a character with a teleport slam, you can simply block and slam everytime Kahn wiffs something. Beating Kahn in that fashion, is the easiest way.

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