The folks over at GameSpot have updated their site with new exclusive videos of Goro and Shao Kahn fighting it out in the GameCube version of MK: Deception.

Shao Kahn's fighting styles are Tai Tzu and Lui He, and his weapon is the Wrath Hammer from MK3. You can actually make out the Mortal Kombat dragon logo on it! He has his classic moves such as the soulder ram, rising knee, and green fireball from MK3. Also back are his taunts, "I rule this world", and "Bow to me", using the same MKII and MK3 voice samples by Steve Ritchie. There are some new moves for the Emperor as well, like this wacky green forcefield uppercut.

Goro's fighting styles are Shokan and Kuatan, and his weapons are Dragon Fangs –€“ four curved gauntlets that extend from his wristguards. The classic moves like fireball and stomp return, as well as a new "Ground Pound" move involves Goro hitting the ground with a fireball! The exclusive GameCube bosses were seen activating death traps, but it is not known whether they themselves are susceptible to them (although Shao Kahn was seen slipping near some spikes in the Dragon King's Arena, so chances are good that they are). It's also not known yet whether they will have Fatalities or Hara-Kiris – but from the video, it's clear that they ARE presented with the opportunity to "Finish Him!"

Also, you can read their full preview here. The videos are free to stream, or even download as GameSpot Basic member. Our thanks go to MK Online Forum/Chat member Jab316 for the tip on this update!